Jetbull Review, Scam or real?

Jetbull has been established since 2007, currently holding its license in Malta. It is a thrilling online betting and gaming site wherein a user can get the most out of entertainment where fun and skills are rolled into one place.

Currently, Jetbull has about 110,000 customers operating for more than 50 countries around the globe. With is wide arrays of entertainment options, each customer will ultimately achieve the highest level of online entertainment, made to suit each gaming preference.

With its easy to use interface, the user can navigate quickly to many gaming options and any technical assistance can be resolved by using their customer service reports, on a live chat mode. There is also a mobile site available that can support live betting update and recent scores.
The company initially was launched last 2007 with two features, a sports books and an online casino. Now, it has evolved into new ventures, innovative creating more options for advanced gaming thrill. It re-launched last May 2010 with new and exciting offers, bringing broad betting and online gaming opportunities that can be enjoyed by every customer. This is also the reason why Jetbull has earned more than a thousand of active customers visiting their website every minutes, all over the world.
With the current promotions, it is pretty hard to decline. The online gaming site offers a 50% less deposit for new customers which will only priced at €75 to €150, can be converted on preferred equivalent. Another more, every time a customer place a bet in the French Open event, he will earn points to be used at the Betting Race Leaderboard – all single bet money will count either a customer won or lost.


The points are determined by multiplying the amount of the bets with the odds. The Betting Race Leaderboard is updated on a daily basis and the top 25 will be awarded at the end of the French Open. This amounts to great prizes and free bets where the company is giving away about €75 free bets every day as the French Open runs.

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It is garbage, I never made a penny with Jetbull dispute all the wild claims they have.

I have looked at jetbull before, but it just didn’t work out for me. The results didn’t always tie in with what they were advertising. You may have a better result, but I didn’t.


I was very pleased to come across this web-site.I was just about to join redbulls, and you have saved me money.


Hi! My name is Adrian Mitrea and I work for Jetbull Team. I have come across this article just by browsing the internet.
Ben, Geena, in order to provide a better experience for our players, I want to ask you what exactly didn’t satisfy you at Because we can not be blamed that you haven’t won, this is your job, as long as our services are controlled and approved by a well known regulatory authority so there is no concern about security or fairness of services offered. But we can be responsible for technical issues, miss-advertised campaigns, bad customer support experience, etc. Therefore I just wonder what exactly did not satisfy you in order for us to investigate and fix it.
Anyway if you decide to give a try to I suggest that you contact our support team, by mail or live chat, if you have any question or inquiry regarding our services or bonuses and they will gladly assist you 24/7.

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Adrian,

Welcome to the websites.



I have joined jetbull sports.

I deposited 115 and they gave me £170 to play with.

Sounds good, right?

I put my balance on Liverpool to draw and it won. Making my balance over £700.

I need to place 68 bets at 38.50 to satisfy the rollover requirement.

This is steep as it is but the best laugh is they are frequently rejecting my bets at that stake saying it’s over the maximum allowed?

How on earth am I meant to get round that?

The would even accept a 40 bet on Liverpool vs West Ham!!!!!!!

they are a joke, blackjack is under investigation – do not deposit they are crooks

Absolute crooks. Please think twice before joining them. Surprised that these cons are allowed to operate

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From: Simon Roberts