Joe Best’s Racing Express Review

Joe Best’s Racing Express is a new horse racing tipster service that aims to provide consistent profit. It is provided by the eponymous Joe Best in conjunction with Winning Information Network.

What does the product offer?

The sales material for Joe Best’s Racing Express claims to provide the ultimate horse racing selections and that it will put you on the winning side of a “turf war”. The reality of Joe Best’s Racing Express is that it is a tipster service that doesn’t really seem to deviate from the usual Betfan set up. One way in which it does however is the selectiveness with Joe Best stating that his Racing Express service will typically offer just one or two selections per day which will be a combination of each way and win bets. The staking plan is however the usual Betfan fare with bets advised at up to 5 points. In terms of the strike rate, Joe Best’s Racing Express has been tested over 5 months during which time it attained a strike rate of 46.34% on average, a very respectable figure by all accounts.

How does the product work?

In terms of the selection process for Joe Best’s Racing Express, the creator is pretty upfront about his process, namely that most of the work comes from his experience as a bettor. This includes 14 years of betting experience as a pro with many days allegedly taking up to 12 hours per day. Also key to making Joe Best’s Racing Express profitable is the concept of value, something that is reflected in the average odds which are rarely below 2.0.

What is the initial investment?

Winning Information Network are currently offering Joe Best’s Racing Express on two types of subscription basis. These are a monthly and a quarterly option (actually 28 days and 90 days) which cost £45 and £90 respectively. As Winning Information Network are a part of the Betfan group, their usual lack of a money back guarantee is in place which states that refunds aren’t typically offered however they will review all requests.

What is the rate of return?

Since it started proofing at the start of June Joe Best’s Racing Express has gone on to make a profit of 284.42 points. What makes this particularly impressive is that it works out at an ROI of 63.2%.


Betfan have launched a number of new products under their various subsidiaries but Joe Best’s Racing Express is probably the one that shows the most promise. The results to date are phenomenal and even if Joe Best can “only” keep them at half this going forward it will remain a phenomenal investment. The underlined word there should however be if as historically, Betfan products fall flat once their proofing period is over.

With that in mind I would absolutely keep one eye on Joe Best’s Racing Express however I am not certain that I would invest my own money quite yet.



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