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John Goldsmith’s Master Key is a product that is currently being offered by Streetwise Publications. It is a horse racing betting system that is being provided in conjunction with their long time collaborator, the eponymous John Goldsmith.

What does the product offer?

I can’t pretend that I don’t get a little bit excited when I seem something new from Streetwise Publications. I also can’t pretend for one second that this is for any of the right reasons. The fact of the matter is this, they are a company that are very good at marketing products that work only as described if they are at one extreme or another. Also seemingly equally as likely is that the products just don’t work at all which brings me to John Goldsmith’s Master Key.

There is a lot of history to cover in terms of the relationship between Streetwise Publications and John Goldsmith and I do feel that this warrants some examination. What I do want to do though is open by exploring the frankly ludicrous opening headline for the service. “Announcing…One Of The Easiest Ways To Make £1,000 Per Week On The Planet…”. £1,000 per week is a huge amount of money in anybody’s books and the fact that John Goldsmith’s Master Key is supposedly so easy surely makes it a steal at any price?

The problem when looking at something from Streetwise Publications is rarely the product itself, although they are a long way from perfect. It is the gulf between what you are buying into and the claims made when compared to the reality. I mean, let me start with some of the things that are said about John Goldsmith’s Master Key by John Goldsmith and Streetwise Publications. You can make the previously noted income claim in just 5 minutes per day. In trying to sound enthralling, John Goldsmith’s Master Key has simply put up the first red flag for me in the form of a promise of quick and easy money.

In terms of what you need to use John Goldsmith’s Master Key, the list is rather simple. John Goldsmith says that you don’t need a computer and that it can be easily ascertained though “at-a-glance” information. Again, this supposedly takes just 5 minutes. From here you can make an absolute fortune, gain a better/happier life and enjoy a financially comfortable future. Of course there is no evidence provided for any of this, nor is there evidence supplied for a number of other key points that I want to explore.

In terms of numbers, there is a staking plan in place for John Goldsmith’s Master Key which is actually well laid out. Unfortunately, it is not exactly complex and involves compounding 5% per week. This always bothers me as straight compounding plans like this can become a recipe for disaster when you hit losses. Especially because all of a sudden, you can still be betting big numbers, even if your betting bank isn’t able to sustain it.

Of course there isn’t any quoted strike rate, but the way that John Goldsmith’s Master Key is presented, it makes it seem like it is almost impossible to lose. For example, in the “proofing” that is provided there hasn’t bee a losing month in 4 years. Now of course I say proofing, this is actually little more than a table with a percentile bank increase immediately after each date. This is a long way from demonstrating that a service can consistently make a profit.

How does the product work?

In terms of how John Goldsmith’s Master Key works, it is actually pretty simple. I won’t give away the details here which rather unfortunately doesn’t leave me a lot of space to talk about what John Goldsmith’s Master Key entails. Given the fact that Streetwise Publications and John Goldsmith say that you don’t need any internet connection etc. in order to use the system, this might give you some idea. Essentially it is a statistics based system that can even be used with just the Racing Post.

What is the initial investment?

John Goldsmith claims that his selections are reasonably worth as much as £495. I am much less convinced of this. Especially when you consider that he ten goes on to say that John Goldsmith’s Master Key can’t be worth less than £297 however you can get it today at a supposedly massively discounted rate for just £197. This price is supposedly only available for 72 hours with just 300 copies allegedly printed.

It is interesting to note that John Goldsmith’s Master Key doesn’t come with any money back guarantee. This is rather disappointing as it is one area in which I usually feel that Streetwise Publications are pretty good.

What is the rate of return?

I have mentioned a large number of times now (although not quite as many as John Goldsmith and Streetwise Publications do) that the supposed weekly income potential for John Goldsmith’s Master Key stands at £1,000. John Goldsmith also talks about things like being able to buy a half million pound house in Portugal (whilst showing off his own supposed holiday home). This sounds like a fantastic figure and there is a lot of selling the lifestyle. Truthfully though, with absolutely no real evidence of proofing, I am hugely sceptical of these income claims.


As is so often the case when it comes to Streetwise Publications, the end result seems to be a million miles away from the claims that are made. It is difficult to know quite where to start with John Goldsmith’s Master Key as there are is a lot to cover both in terms of immediate issues as well as a surprising amount which is much less obvious. First of all, I will start with the most glaring omission in terms of the obvious which is a lack of evidence.

There is so little in the way of evidence to back up the claim that John Goldsmith’s Master Key is a genuine product. Given how long John Goldsmith says that he has been using the methods that John Goldsmith’s Master Key teaches, you would expect something, anything in fact, in this regard. Instead, we are treated to proofing that could quite literally be drawn up in a table on the Word document I am typing this on. My point however is that this doesn’t make it true.

Amongst the efforts to convince us that John Goldsmith’s Master Key is genuine, we also get the tale of a few different bettors who cleared up at Vegas. The inclusion of this information is on the grounds that when you have a good system, you should stick to your guns and John Goldsmith’s Master Key is definitely a good system.

The final point that I want to make in terms of John Goldsmith’s Master Key relates to the cost and whether or not there is any value to be had. No is the answer here. £197 is a lot of money to pay for any service, let alone one that claims so much and yet apparently, cannot deliver any of it. The idea that John Goldsmith’s Master Key is worth more than this is frankly rubbish and amongst some of the crudest marketing I have seen recently.

This is all just the stuff that immediately jumps out at me. Having dug around there is definitely more going on in the background. I have mentioned that John Goldsmith’s Master Key is not the first collaboration between John Goldsmith and Streetwise Publications. In fact, by a quick mental count there have been 4 different products launched where they have worked together. The results for these were all rather questionable at the time as is evidenced by the fact that they are no longer available.

As if this isn’t enough, one of the products that was launched sounds awfully familiar looking at John Goldsmith’s Master Key. The implications are the same with a number of references made the same. This includes things like pushing compounding your winnings as well as very similar income claims. This leads me to suspect that John Goldsmith’s Master Key and this old system (Genius Racing System) are if not one and the same, very similar.

I have long had issues with Streetwise Publications for reasons that are perhaps best demonstrated in John Goldsmith’s Master Key. The marketing makes it sound like making money using this system is easy and almost a sure fire thing. I don’t believe that to be the case. Their products are also very over priced in my opinion, something which John Goldsmith’s Master Key highlights. With no evidence what so ever that John Goldsmith’s Master Key can deliver on its claims, I think that £200 is just too much to ask.

Between the lack of evidence provided that John Goldsmith’s Master Key can work and the somewhat questionable circumstances that surround Streetwise Publications and John Goldsmith, I simply can’t see anything to recommend here. I don’t believe that the system will be anywhere near as successful as claimed and given the high costs involved, this simply represents too big a risk for my money. The fact of the matter is this. There are better products than John Goldsmith’s Master Key out there, almost all of which are cheaper. I would definitely be looking at them before I even thought of investing my hard earned money in John Goldsmith’s Master Key.

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From: Simon Roberts