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Jon Owen Racing Morning Report Service Review

Created by Jon Owen of Equine Investment Management, Jon Owen Racing Morning Support Service is a horse racing tipster service offering daily selections to subscribers.

What does the product offer?

Jon Owen Racing Morning Report Service is one of a claimed number of tipster services operated by Jon Owen. The service offers daily selections to subscribers with 3 tips being made available each day. Jon Owen Racing Morning Report Service breaks these down into a “Nap of the Day” which is the strongest bet, Next Best which as the name suggests, is the second best pick that Jon Owen has for that day and finally an “Each Way Steal” which is a longer odds horse that is advised to be backed on an each way basis. Jon Owen also recommends staking when he sends out Jon Owen Racing Morning Report Service which can range between 12 and upwards of 18 points per day with odds ranging from 2/1 to even higher.

How does the product work?

Jon Owen makes a big thing about how he has a number of different services that he offers tips through as well as Jon Owen Racing Morning Report Service. Central to all of this is a statement in which he says “As you can imagine I get access to one hell of a lot of top quality information”. This leads me to believe that much of the information provided comes through a network of informants however this is only speculative on my behalf.

What is the initial investment?

You will initially be offered Jon Owen Racing Morning Report Service selections for free however you will soon receive an email saying that he costs are going to go up. Selections will then be offered at £27 per month (a claimed discount on a standard rate of £97) or the chance to receive selections till June 1st for just £47. Unfortunately and not surprisingly, there is no money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

Unfortunately Jon Owen provides no proofing for Jon Owen Racing Morning Report Service, nor does he make any claims on income. Realistically, I wouldn’t expect too many winners from Jon Owen Racing Morning Report Service and given the staking that is involved, I find it unlikely that you would easily recoup your losses.


To describe Jon Owen Racing Morning Report Service as a high risk betting program would be something of an understatement. In fact, I would go as far as to say that have never encountered a tipster service that plays so loosely with staking, particularly when you consider that Jon Owen Racing Morning Report Service is really about backing longer shots. This means that your bank can really take and the wins may not make up for this unless they are consistent and there is nothing to suggest that this will be the case. Whilst the prices aren’t too expensive when compared with other options, personally I just don’t see how Jon Owen Racing Morning Report Service is really a sustainable betting model.



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(swear word removed) if you ask me I pick out more winners than him

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