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JPW Racing Tipster Review

JPW Racing Tipster is a tipster service that offers users horse racing tips. James Walsh, the creator claims to have been analysing horse racing since he was 14 years old.

What does the product offer?

Tips from JPW Racing Tipster are sent out daily via email or text message with creator James Walsh looking to send out around 3 tips per day. There are two services on offer, a standard tipster service and a lay service. James Walsh says that JPW Racing Tipster exists to provide long term profits for members.

How does the product work?

Selections are based around James Walsh’s form analysis, something he seems to take very seriously. JPW Racing Tipster seems to be the kind of tipster service that is genuinely built on the back of hard work rather than something from a network of alleged informants.

What is the initial investment?

JPW Racing Tipster comes with a free 7 day free trial to give you a feel for things. After this you can sign up for a number of different length packages varying from 1 day for £1 right through to a full year for £175. These prices apply to both the tips and the lay service. It is worth noting that unfortunately, James Walsh does not offer any refund policy for JPW Racing Tipster.

What is the rate of return?

This isn’t something that JPW Racing Tipster really explores. They say that there is proofing available on Racing Index but despite searching I was unable to locate this.


JPW Racing Tipster shows a lot of promise. I really like the way the costs are handled so you can simply pay when you want to instead of being tied down. James Walsh certainly appears to be the real deal. The only real reservation that I have about JPW Racing Tipster is the lack of proofing, although with a 7 day trial in place users should be able to get a fair idea themselves.



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