JR’s Golf Betting Formula Review

JR’s Golf Betting Formula is a new to market sports betting tipster service which is being offered through the SureWin tipster platform. Selections come courtesy of tipster John Roger Izzard, AKA JR.

Introduction to JR’s Golf Betting Formula

Let me be clear about this. I bloody hate golf. It bores me to no end. I can’t watch it and I can’t play it. There is no surprise to me that people refer to golf as “a good walk spoiled”.  But I want to let you in on a little secret. I kind of like golf betting. There are big wins, excitement (it even makes golf interesting), and just so much value to be had. But it can be very difficult finding a decent golf tipster.

Which brings me to today’s review of JR’s Golf Betting Formula. This seems to be a brand new service by a brand new tipster in John Roger Izzard. And let me tell you, new blood is vital to the betting economy. I’ve seen far too many tipsters trade off the back of an old reputation, only to lose a small fortune for their subscribers. Elsewhere, you have up and coming sorts who are doing some really great things but not getting the attention.

John Roger Izzard carries the potential to be one of these people. JR’s Golf Betting Formula looks pretty bloody good as far as golf tipsters go, with the proofing SureWin provide looking solid for this kind of thing. And because it is all still very new, there is an opportunity to get in on something before everybody else does.  The question is whether or not it is worth it?

What Does JR’s Golf Betting Formula Offer?

Golf tipster services are always a bit of a unique creature. Whilst many tipster services that are based around more frequent sports tend to be there or thereabouts the same, golf simply cannot be. And this is something that applies to a large number of elements. Of course, all of this has a bit of a knock on effect on JR’s Golf Betting Formula.

First things first, if you want to bet every day of the week, JR’s Golf Betting Formula won’t be for you. If you want to just place one or two bets at a time, then you should look elsewhere because that just isn’t how John Roger Izzard runs things. Furthermore, if you are betting on golf, it is inevitable that this can’t be the case. But I’ll talk about this a little later on.

John Roger Izzard typically sends out bets Tuesday through Sunday when there are tournaments available. At the time of writing, this has been a weekly occurrence for JR’s Golf Betting Formula. But I would be fully prepared for the fact that this may change as the season goes on.

Now these bets are broken down into different types. On a Tuesday, you receive your tournament bets. These are the “big boys” that make golf betting so interesting. They are ante bets that are typically placed each way on a golfer with huge odds. It isn’t that uncommon with this type of bet to see 100/1 plus bets coming in. Something that has already happened for John Roger Izzard.  

The other bets that are sent out through the betting week are known as round bets. Effectively, these are shorter bets that are based around a round of golf on that particular day. These still carry decent odds but they are generally much shorter than you will see with the tournament bets. This element of JR’s Golf Betting Formula is sort of the bread and butter of things and should theoretically keep your betting bank topped up.

At this point, I really do want to talk about the odds a little bit. I have mentioned them numerous times now, but I want to give some actual tips from John Roger Izzard. For example, in July, two golfers were tipped at 500/1 and 350/1. They didn’t win, which is probably the most important thing ultimately. But that hasn’t stopped a bet later in the month coming in at 125/1 and a 110/1 bet placing.

What is important to factor in though if you are following something like JR’s Golf Betting Formula is that it is crucial that you get those longer odds where possible. The fact is that you can’t expect to win very often following John Roger Izzard (something that the strike rate backs up), and as such, when you do win, you really need to be squeezing every possible point out of the profit.  

Moving on from that and looking through the proofing that SureWin provide, there is one thing that I do really think needs to be talked about. And that is the staking plan. There doesn’t seem to be too much rhyme or reason to it, but it is definitely an expensive option. By and large, most of the bets that you will be placing are anywhere from 1 point, all the way up to 5 points.

In and of itself, that doesn’t seem too bad. However, you may well be placing 10 plus bets over the course of a given tournament. That starts to add up, and of course, you won’t be winning all that often either. This means that you end up with some very substantial draw-down with JR’s Golf Betting Formula.  

This is something that can well enough be managed, however, SureWin and John Roger Izzard don’t seem to provide any advice on a betting bank. And with a long losing streak producing a loss in excess of 100 points, you are going to need at least 200 points in order to make this work (at least, in my opinion).

Given all of this, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that the strike rate for JR’s Golf Betting Formula is very low. In actual fact, John Roger Izzard’s bets have won just 7.46% of the time. However, the nature of golf betting means that this is OK. It’s all part of the ups and downs. But it does mean this won’t suit the faint-hearted.

How Does JR’s Golf Betting Formula Work?

In terms of how JR’s Golf Betting Formula works… Well, there just isn’t a whole lot of information provided. SureWin say that John Roger Izzard has “developed a TOP SECRET formula for rating players…resulting in a totally unique way of pricing up golf tournaments…”. Honestly, this makes at least some kind of sense.

And just building on this, the approach that is described here is something that I have seen from a lot of different golf tipsters in the past. They use an in depth knowledge to identify where bookies have got it wrong. Is that exactly what John Roger Izzard is doing with JR’s Golf Betting Formula? I wouldn’t like to commit one way or another. But it seems at least relatively likely.

Unfortunately, that is about all that we get really. I’d have loved to have seen more information on how JR’s Golf Betting Formula works, but que sera, sera. The fact is that there is a brief interview with John Roger Izzard on the sales page, and that provides at least some insight into his understanding. It is quite apparent to me that he really does have some knowledge of the sports and odds.

On top of this, it is worth noting the fact that SureWin provide comprehensive proofing. Admittedly, it is only for a very short period of time, but it is something. Personally, I would love a larger data sample size, but given the fact that this is relatively new service, it is only to be expected. It certainly isn’t something I would hold against John Roger Izzard.

What is the Initial Investment?

At the time of writing, there are two different subscriptions on offer when it comes to JR’s Golf Betting Formula. The first of these is a monthly option which is priced at £29.50 (inclusive of VAT). Alternatively, and offering better value, you can sign up on a quarterly basis at a cost of £66.38 per quarter (again, inclusive of VAT).

Whichever option you choose to go for, SureWin provide a full 28 day trial for those who are new to JR’s Golf Betting Formula. It is worth noting that we are told that we are told that those who attempt to take advantage of this and use multiple trial periods “will have their account closed”.

As well as all of this, John Roger Izzard also offers a full 30 day money back guarantee for JR’s Golf Betting Formula. This is backed up by the fact that the service is being sold through the Clickbank platform. For those who aren’t familiar, they typically offer this on all products sold through them, and you shouldn’t have any problems claiming this refund. So long as you aren’t a “serial returner” of products.  

What is the Rate of Return?

We aren’t exactly dealing with a massive timescale here (John Roger Izzard has advised just 78 bets at the time of writing), but JR’s Golf Betting Formula has a profit of 59.82 points. Given that we’re looking at about a month and a half, this is quite an impressive result. With that said, I also think it is important to look at the context of this.

You see, almost all of the profit has come from that big win where a 125/1 each way bet landed. This is somewhat anomalous by which I mean, you won’t see this kind of bet winning every day. With that said, winning these kinds of bets is exactly what John Roger Izzard sets out to do. I suppose the important takeaway is that you are always aware that this is the whole premise of this kind of betting.

Conclusion for JR’s Golf Betting Formula

As much as golf betting is an exciting and interesting approach to betting, it also comes with a large number of caveats. Some of which are hugely important. First things first, let’s talk a little bit about what following a golf tipster service can really be like. The short answer to this is expensive.

Sure, John Roger Izzard is ultimately up. And a 125/1 winner coming is always going to be exciting. But in the run up to this, you have to watch yourself burn through a lot of money. If you’re talking £10 per point, you’re looking at potentially being £1,000 in the red before you really see that profit.

Now I’ll be blunt here. Following along with something like this requires a lot of cajones. It definitely takes a lot to sit there and simply watch your betting bank shrink whilst you wait for a big bet to land. But when it does… It is an immense feeling.

This means that arguably the single most important question is just how willing and able you are to fund John Roger Izzard’s selections? If you are in that position, then I think that it is fair to say that JR’s Golf Betting Formula carries a lot of potential. And I can’t help but feel like that is probably the best word to use when you are describing this.

Here’s the thing. SureWin have been proofing the service for a while. But ultimately, you’re just looking at a couple of months. That isn’t a particularly large data sample. As such, I would generally recommend against taking these early results as indicative of what you can expect in the longer term.

More than any other reason, that is why I wouldn’t really look to recommend JR’s Golf Betting Formula. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that this is necessarily a bad service. I’ve seen plenty of golf tipster services and honestly, the only thing that really sells them is longevity. Doing what John Roger Izzard has done here isn’t impossible. But doing it month in month out is much harder.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that I would look to write JR’s Golf Betting Formula off entirely either. It is certainly worth keeping an eye on. It is quite clear to me that John Roger Izzard has at least some insight into golf betting. His abilities to pick out winners is somewhat demonstrated already. And in that brief interview he really does demonstrate that knowledge.

And on top of this, it is worth noting that JR’s Golf Betting Formula really isn’t that expensive. £30 per month is far from cheap, but nor is it prohibitive either. In my opinion, just a few more months of results would really tell you what you can expect from JR’s Golf Betting Formula. And if John Roger Izzard continues to deliver in a similar vein, then this is really worth a look.

So, this is one for the back burner as it currently stands. But I don’t think it is a service that you should necessarily be turning your back on for good either. Because in the future, this really could be something a bit special that manages to bring profit, and excitement to your betting.


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