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Juicy Plums Review by Nick Pullen

Juicy Plums is a horse racing tipster service operated by Nick Pullen that shows users what he perceives to be some of the best value horses in a race.

What does the product offer?

Juicy Plums is an occasional service offering users selections mostly for major racing events that take place over the weekend. Said selections are posted on the website at 5pm on a Friday evening. Historically the service will cover between 3 and 6 events in a month, typically with much longer odds that are usually over 5/1 and are frequently into double digits. Naturally this does mean that Juicy Plums carries a lower strike rate which is something of a downside however this is offset by the fact that wins are usually big ones. The bets that Nick Pullen supplies through Juicy Plums are mostly on a win basis however he does say that if there are more than 16 horses in a race it will be recommended as each way.

How does the product work?

Nick Pullen has been active in horse racing for some time and his services are generally looked upon with some favour. This experience is a huge boon when you look at the selection process for Juicy Plums which is identified as being about more than just finding winners based on form or statistical analysis. He goes on to say that Juicy Plums is a bit different than other tipster services on the market as it involves “using our ‘instinct’ as much as our intellect” and that he puts stock in the feel for a race.

What is the initial investment?

Juicy Plums is offered by Nick Pullen entirely free. This means that the only real investment that is required is in a betting bank which will likely need to be rather robust given the nature of Juicy Plums.

What is the rate of return?

If you were to back the win bets only for Juicy Plums you would have made an 88 point profit whilst each way betting would have made 89.7 points of profit. These figures are however spread over a long period of time going all the way back to March 2013. Whilst this doesn’t sound overly impressive, if you work this out as an ROI then Juicy Plums has made 52% and 53% for win and each way respectively.


There is very little doubt that Juicy Plums will not exactly make you a substantial amount of income. Realistically though this is a free service and your expectations have to be tempered. I don’t believe that Juicy Plums is something that warrants a major investment however there is definitely merit. The fact is that the service has produced a profit and any investor will acknowledge that this is what matters, especially if you look purely at the ROI which does a much better job of reflecting the performance. If you are reliant on tipster services for your income then Juicy Plums may not be the best option however for the casual bettor who is perhaps just looking for a bit of guidance with a weekend punt, Juicy Plums is a decent option.



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