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JVZ Sales Maximizer Review

JVZ Sales Maximizer is a training course by Aaron Danker that teaches users how to run a successful campaign through JVZoo.

What does the product offer?

JVZ Sales Maximizer comes over a number of videos that cover launching a product onto the JVZoo network. Aaron Danker claims that he will walk you through the process with step by step guides. The videos themselves are spread over 10 different modules with each providing insight into a different stage of the process. The product comes with multiple options some of which are designed to operate as a “business in a box”.

How does the product work?

JVZ Sales Maximizer is all about educating users on JVZoo and maximising what you are able to get out of it. It is worth noting that in order to make JVZ Sales Maximizer work for you, you should have a product ready to launch as this is something that the program doesn’t cover.

What is the initial investment?

If you just want access to the training videos that make up the bulk of JVZ Sales Maximizer it will cost you a one of fee of just $9.95. For $37.00 you also receive resell rights to several products as well as basic marketing materials. For $67.00 you gain access to the complete JVZ Sales Maximizer package which comes with everything you need to start running an online business. JVZ Sales Maximizer also comes with a money back guarantee provided by Aaron Danker.

What is the rate of return?

Returns on your investment are not discussed by Aaron Danker which is to be expected given the nature of JVZ Sales Maximizer. Given the nature of the product I would not expect massive income at first although there is potential to grow this.


JVZ Sales Maximizer is not a product aimed at advanced marketers. If you have ever launched a product through JVZoo then I doubt that there will be anything covered that you didn’t already know but if you are a complete newbie this might be a pretty good starting point in terms of getting to know the platform and its model. I am not certain that the resell packages offer tremendous value but there is a money back guarantee in place should you be unhappy with the product which helps to minimise the risk.



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