KD Publishing Pro Review

KD Publishing Pro is a new product from Dave Guindon and Bobby Walker that the two say will allow you to quickly and efficiently create your own e-books for the Kindle Marketplace.

What does the product offer?

According to the sales material from Dave Guindon and Bobby Walker, KD Publishing Pro is the answer to all of your Kindle publishing problems allowing you to streamline the creation process and also fully manage your uploads. This all sounds very efficient and if getting a book right for the Kindle store was as difficult as KD Publishing Pro makes it sound, then this would be a no brainer.

Unfortunately, one of the key selling points of KD Publishing Pro is how difficult it is to get your book formatted correctly, something that whilst a little niggly is hardly rocket science. The other key feature that KD Publishing Pro offers is it stores and allows you to manage your various Kindle projects in one place.

It is also claimed rather questionably that as a result of all this, KD Publishing Pro will help you to improve your store ranking. Dave Guindon and Bobby Walker also provide a number of different bonuses some of which fit in with the Kindle theme and a rather significant majority that do oi

How does the product work?

In terms of the ins and outs of how KD Publishing Pro works, it is very little other than a rather fancy word processing suite. The fact is that the main purpose of the software is to reformat a body of text and this simply doesn’t take a lot of work.

This is in spite of the time that Dave Guindon and Bobby Walker spend talking about how its difficult and about how you may not get published on Amazon.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing, Dave Guindon and Bobby Walker are offering KD Publishing Pro on a limited time offer which is $27 for an unlimited publishing license. This is claimed to be a significant reduction on the “real” value of $97.

There is a money back guarantee in place for KD Publishing Pro however this is only in place for 30 days and because it is sold through JVZoo, you will have to deal with Dave Guindon and Bobby Walker directly.

What is the rate of return?

The income potential for KD Publishing Pro is something that is only really hinted at however Dave Guindon and Bobby Walker do suggest that there is a large amount of income potential. It is worth pointing out that there is no real evidence to back any of this up.


Publishing a book on the Kindle store can be difficult. It certainly isn’t something that is a 5 minute job. Quite why something like KD Publishing Pro needs to exist is beyond me though. There are plenty of tools made available, a number through Amazon themselves that will help you to get your content online.

The question that hangs over KD Publishing Pro resultantly is whether or not Dave Guindon and Bobby Walker have made something that is worth buying.

Personally, I am not sold on this. Whilst I can’t really argue that KD Publishing Pro does its job, there isn’t anything that really justifies why this is a job for it to do.


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From: Simon Roberts