Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater Review

Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater is a new horse racing tipster service which claims to have produced some very substantial profits. It is operated by the eponymous Kieran McQuinn, however the service is sold by Tipster Superstars, a company operated by Matt and Tom Schofield.

Introduction to Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater 

By and large, a lot of tipster stables will aim to proof a tipster for a long period of time. There are many reasons for that. First of all, they may want to make sure that a tipster hasn’t simply gotten lucky.

They may wish to have detailed provenance to show potential clientele that demonstrates a long term ability to produce profit. Tipster Superstars have however bypassed most of this for Kieran McQuinn, at least, according to the sales material for Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater.

profit-repeater-reviewIn fact, they say that after just 6 days, they were emailing Kieran McQuinn to tell him how great his service is and how soon can he be on board, if you believe the sales material that is.

What Does Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater Offer?

Given the claims that Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater is apparently something truly a bit special, what exactly are you getting yourself into? Logistically, Tipster Superstars seem to be pretty straight forward. It would seem that Matt and Tom Schofield send out KMs’ selections to subscribers.

As you would expect, these are issued directly via email, however, they may not necessarily be a daily affair. The sales page for the service makes reference to 21 days testing of which 13 have had bets. This lack of consistent information is somewhat off putting in my opinion as I would have liked to have a better understanding of what to expect moving forward.

This naturally leads me to discuss the bets themselves. Each day you an expect to receive just two bets from Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater. The first of these will always be a single bet which you back to level stakes.

The second bet will be a smaller scale accumulator (either a double or a treble) which in theory, provides the chance to maximise profits. All of this does make Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater a low volume service which I ultimately feel is something of a blessing as I also believe that there is quite significant risk involved too.

All of this leads quite nicely into the staking plan that is in place with Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater. I have already mentioned that Matt and Tom Schofield say you should be staking level stakes on single bets. At this point, you will be staking just 1 point on bets with £10 cited as an example.

When (or should that be if?) a single comes in, you then take all of the profits from this and bet them on the double. This means that if you are following Matt and Tom Schofield’s advice, the most that you are ever risking on a given day is that 1 point. In spite of this, it is recommended you have a 50 point bank with Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater.

Finally, I want to talk about the strike rate. More specifically, I want to look at the lack thereof. In theory, there is a strike rate of about 23% with Matt and Tom Schofield say the following:

So out of the 13 days, 10 times there has been a £10 loss on the day. 2 times the first bet won but the following bet failed to Kieran McQuinn in. These 2 days ended even (no loss on the day). But on those other 3 occasions there have been profits of £382.50, £654.19 and £301.88

The astute amongst you will note that that this is more than 13 days, however the proofing for Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater doesn’t help to clear this up particularly. More pressingly however, is the fact that the proofing hasn’t been updated by Tipster Superstars since the 21st of February.  

How Does Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater Work?

As far as I am concerned, there are two very clear elements to how Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater works. The first of these is the profit management side of things. This includes Kieran McQuinn recommending the bets that he does and in the way that he does.

There is arguably something to be said for any approach that tries to manage risk whilst maximising profits. However, in the case of Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater, I feel like there is also hampering of profit potential due to this approach, especially in the longer term.

The other element in terms of how Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater works, and arguably the more pressing matter in my opinion, is the lack of information that pertains to the selection process. I don’t think that in the grand scheme of things Matt and Tom Schofield are asking you to risk a huge amount at £10 stakes.

What I would like to see however is some insight into why you are backing the horse that you are. Kieran McQuinn is picking out some very long odds doubles and I am of the opinion that if you are really going to keep backing them long term (which you have to do to turn a profit), you should at least know why they are chosen for Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is only one option for those who wish to subscribe to Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater and that is a one time payment of £27. It is worth noting however that Matt and Tom Schofield do say that this will only buy you access for 69 days with the intent to make the service fully payable once this time has elapsed.

There is however no information on how much this will cost moving forward. It is noteworthy in my opinion that Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater is sold through Clickbank which means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place, however this isn’t something which is discussed anywhere in the sales material for the service.

What is the Rate of Return?

As mentioned, there have supposedly been profits on 3 betting days to date with Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater. This means an overall profit of £1,338.56 which to £10 stakes means a quite incredible 133.85 points of profit in a very short space of time.

Whilst this number seems reasonable, it does need to be considered that these kinds of wins aren’t necessarily going to be consistent. As such, I don’t believe that the claimed results are representative of what to expect.

Conclusion to Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater 

Figuring out whether or not a tipster service is any good can be a pretty weighty thing with a lot of different aspects. Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater is a brilliant example of this for almost all reasons. First of all, let’s take Matt and Tom Schofield at face value and presume that everything is as he claims it is.

In this regard, Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater has performed exceptionally well with that massive profit in a small window of time. These results are based around long shots winning. Now, long shots happen every day, but for Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater to work they have to be happening quite frequently to you. That simply isn’t likely.

From here, you can be a little more cynical and look at things like the fact that actually, some of the claims don’t quite add up. For example, the fact that some numbers simply didn’t add up, is a bit of a problem. This tells me that actually, everything might not be quite as it initially seems here. Adding to this is the fact that the proofing for Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater hasn’t been updated for a long time.

All of these points start to stand out as red flags that highlight the fact that there may in fact be some more substantial problems.

Now at this point, I strongly suspect that there are a number of problems with Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater and this leads me to dig deeper. A large number of tipster services are operated through the Clickbank platform and I have Kieran McQuinn to recognise some of the vendors that change products on a frequent basis.

Unfortunately, Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater is being sold by one such vendor and as such, it casts a lot of doubts about Matt and Tom Schofield and Kieran McQuinn.

As you can see from this breakdown, quite reasonable initial doubts about the ability of a tipster service are vindicated as you start to look at little deeper. Had Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater been updated and had numbers that added up, as well as a genuine vendor, there would still be risk.

This would only be the risk of the betting approach however, and as such, it becomes much more calculated and warrants more consideration.

In this case though, I have seen more than enough evidence that Kieran McQuinn’s Profit Repeater is a tipster service that is worth avoiding. I always see this as a shame as I would love to see more successful tipsters out there, but turning a blind eye to quite obvious problems is not a solution.


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