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Kleeneze Review

Kleeneze are a large scale multi level marketing company that specialise in providing cleaning and household products to customers.

The Company

Kleeneze as a company was founded way back in 1923 selling wire brushes with a multi level marketing style approach swiftly being implemented. By the 1960’s Kleeneze had expanded exponentially and in the 80’s and 90’s the company developed into the massive operation that they are now. Kleeneze really seem to put their sellers and the product at he core of what they do and in the 80’s were actually part of the group that founded the Direct Selling Association which promotes ethical business practice in the industry.

The Product

Kleeneze are most well known for their cleaning products although they offer a large variety of other products. These are broken down into 4 different categories. The first is Clean and Protect. This contains the core Kleeneze range of cleaning products. The second is In the Kitchen which is primarily comprised of baking related products. There is also an Around the Home section which contains small appliances and household goods such as ironing boards. Finally is Health and Beauty which contains a range of make-up and fitness related products.

How to Apply

You can sign up to become a Kleeneze representative either through another representative or you can also register your interest online at which point somebody will contact you to set everything up. Full training is provided as well as the kit you need to get started when you are accepted to become a Kleeneze agent.

Earning Potential

According to the testimonials this is rather significant with some Kleeneze representatives claiming to make anywhere from£1,900 per month up to £10,000 per month. Kleeneze themselves market the typical £50 – £500 per week, although there are also many, many reports that there is something like a 99% drop our rate, so it is FAR from easy to make any kind of reasonable income with this.


Kleeneze are well known and trusted British company and there is almost definitely potential to make yourself some reasonable money with this, but as mentioned there will be a reason why there is a huge drop our rate. This does require significant work and time if you wish to become truly successful. All in all Kleeneze is one of the better options if you wish to get involved in multi level marketing program, just don’t expect to be making too much money, and take most of the reviews on the company and it’s earning potential with a large pinch of salt.




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