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L7N Longshots Review

L7N Longshots is a horse racing tipster service offered by Bet Kudos and a tipster known only as Michael that specialises in high odds betting.

What does the product offer?

L7N Longshots is a relatively standard horse racing tipster service that offers users the best long shot naps that Michael identifies. Bets are sent out daily and all selections are advised on an each way basis. Because of the nature of L7N Longshots there is rather a low strike rate with Michael generating an average of 21.73%. The odds that you are betting on are however very high with winners coming in at odds of 26.0 and 21.0 which offsets the fact that L7N Longshots doesn’t win often. What is however worth noting is that staking varies between 1 and 5 points however the majority of these are 3 and above.

How does L7N Longshots work?

Michael has previously enjoyed success through Bet Kudos with Lucky 7 Naps and with L7N Longshots he is clearly looking to capitalise on this. Whilst this considerable experience will no doubt be a part of L7N Longshots, there isn’t actually anything that details what the selection process is or even roughly what it involves. This is a point of contention for me as I feel that as a potential purchaser you should be well informed as to what kind of service you are signing up for.

What is the initial investment?

Bet Kudos are offering L7N Longshots on a monthly or quarterly subscription (at that time of writing) however this is subject to change with Michael saying that the quarterly option may be dropped at any time. The costs for both of these options is £39 per month and £75 per quarter. In terms of any money back guarantee etc. in place, Bet Kudos are a part of the Betfan group and as such they do not really offer any kind of money back guarantee however they say that they will review any requests etc.

What is the rate of return?

Since L7N Longshots started way back in February it is showing a total profit of 500.94 points which is definitely on the strong side however I don’t feel that this is necessarily a consistent reflection of a service, especially since L7N Longshots was only started in February.

Conclusion of L7N Longshots

L7N Longshots is a high scoring and high risk betting system, especially when you look at the scope of the figures that are presented. Whilst 500 points looks great in a couple of months, this does also mean staking as much as 250 points per month which can represent a significant  chunk of a subscribers betting bank, especially staking 5 points per go. Whilst the last few months have been kind to L7N Longshots, consider this. At 5 points per bet, it would require just 20 losses to remove your betting bank for this service. This wouldn’t be a bad thing if there were less investment required but the fact is that whilst Michael and Bet Kudos are charging less than most other Betfan services, I still believe that L7N Longshots requires more time for additional data to come in to see if profits are sustainable.



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Now that L7N is coming up to a year old, do you have an update on this service? BetKudos are currently offering it at just £45 for 3 months, which seems like a bargain. But is it? They claim it is making followers an average of 18 points a week profit, but how does that pan out over the longer term? Averages can mean 30 losing days followed by a 5 point EW on a 50/1 winner.
Notably they do not spell out the results in any detail.

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From: Simon Roberts