Late Call Betting Review

 Late Call Betting is a last minute horse racing tipster service operated by Andy Bell.

What does the product offer?

Andy Bell says that Late Call Betting is a system that is designed to take advantage of last minute tips that he receives. Andy Bell has previously seen success in the form of Andy Bell Racing which utilises early morning tips, hence Late Call Betting is designed to complement this existing service. Late Call Betting has produced an average strike rate of 60% based on the two months of proofing provided so far.

How does the product work?

As mentioned above Andy Bell has had success before through his eponymous service but says that he was disappointed at people missing out on late tips. Through Betfan he was encouraged to set up Late Call Betting as a system to pass these last minute opportunities on to other bettors. The information is based on Andy Bell’s previous experience as a horse owner and also his network of informants.

What is the initial investment?

Late Call Betting is pricey and will cost a not inconsiderable £90 per month if you’re inside the EU (inclusive of VAT). There are no details provided of a money back guarantee but given the fact that the product is subscription based it seems unlikely there will be anything.

What is the rate of return?

At the time of writing Late Call Betting has produced a profit of 105.58 points in just 3 months. Based off of £10 stakes this would amount to a not inconsiderable £1,055.80 in profit.


Andy Bell’s primary tipster service, Andy Bell Racing proved to be a success ending 2013 289.81 points up and this is based off a service that has been up and running for 12 months. What I find to be a little off putting when it comes to Late Call Betting is the price. At £90 per month you could reasonably find 3 other tipster services for the same money. That isn’t to say that cost is the be all and end all though. The fact is that Andy Bell has created two products that have produced consistent profit. It is worth noting that at since December Andy Bell’s other product has almost doubled its profitability which is indicative that his informant



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