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Lateral Investment Strategy is the latest brain child of tipster Simon Holden in partnership with Adrian Williams. It is offered through the Tipster TV arm of the Betfan group and claims to offer a new approach to betting.

What does the product offer?

The headline for Lateral Investment Strategy is rather eye grabbing despite its simplicity. Simon Holden and Adrian Williams simply say “We’ve Finally Cracked The Code”. In terms of appeal to bettors who consistently lose, nothing more needs to be said. Every man and his dog in bookies across the UK have some variant of “the code”. The one betting strategy that will finally allow them to make consistent profits. For me, I have seen this claim in some form or other more times than I care to count. As such, I am rather more cynical of this claim.

Lateral Investment Strategy is highly praised in the marketing material (as well you would expect) with claims of this being a high yield and low risk tipster service. The low risk part is something that actually stands out for me as Betfan tend to avoid any real implication when it comes to this sort of thing. Mostly, I believe, because a lot of their services are inherently high risk. With Simon Holden involved and Lateral Investment Strategy having some promising results, I am rather keen to get my teeth into this.

One of the first things that stands out about Lateral Investment Strategy is where Simon Holden and Adrian Williams claim that this isn’t a typical service. In fact, they say that you should not expect “a shedload of tips every day”. You can however expect selections almost every day. These are sent out in the usual fashion, via email and uploaded to a member’s area. Truthfully, there is nothing particularly revolutionary in terms of how Lateral Investment Strategy actually operates.

Where things do start to stand out is when you look at the bets. There is no real consistency in terms of volume so I won’t even try to look at that side of Lateral Investment Strategy. What I can say is that Simon Holden and Adrian Williams focus on just two types of bets in order to make the service profitable. These are straight win and lay bets (which means that unlike most Betfan products, you will need an account with a betting exchange). These are on hugely varied odds as well with very little clear rhyme or reason to Lateral Investment Strategy.

This leads me onto the numbers side of things. Unlike most products which Tipster TV and the Betfan group put out, Lateral Investment Strategy doesn’t follow the 5 point staking plan. Instead, all results are proofed to single point bets. This does a fantastic job of helping to minimise risk (especially on some of the lay bets) and also does a better job of showing off the successes that Lateral Investment Strategy has enjoyed as a service.

The final thing to look at is the strike rate. This is something that Simon Holden and Adrian Williams are clearly very proud of and the sales material makes reference to a strike rate that is in excess of 50%. At the time of writing, this is actually 62.52%. I do however feel that whilst it is easy to be impressed by this number, Lateral Investment Strategy does have a number of lay bets and these will generally produce a much higher strike rate (I have looked at decent services before now which have exceeded 85%). With that in mind, I wouldn’t place too much emphasis on this number.

How does the product work?

At its core, Lateral Investment Strategy is a combination of the betting knowledge and experience of Simon Holden and the analytical approach of Adrian Williams. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to really explore the inner workings of Lateral Investment Strategy without looking at the minds behind it.

For those who aren’t familiar with the name, Simon Holden is a relatively well known tipster who has a very long standing relationship with the Betfan group. He has had multiple products which have enjoyed wildly varying levels of success. Adrian Williams is a new name to me however the sales material does go into some detail. He is supposedly a professional trader on betting exchanges. His success here is seemingly linked to his past as a city trader.

By combining their knowledge, they claim to have come up with a consistently profitable betting system which is ultimately what is behind Lateral Investment Strategy. Understandably, the pair aren’t willing to share any of the specific details of how this system works. They do however say that essentially, Lateral Investment Strategy is based around backing trainers and jockeys which are under valued by the market and laying those that are overvalued.

What is the initial investment?

I am used to products from Betfan being on the expensive side however Lateral Investment Strategy does take this to something of an extreme. Tipster TV are asking £70 (plus VAT) for a one month membership to Lateral Investment Strategy. It is worth pointing out that a monthly membership only lasts 28 days as well so you will pay this out 13 times over the course of a year. There is some value to be had subscribing for longer with a quarterly membership costing £120 (plus VAT) whilst you can sign up for 6 months for £197 (plus VAT).

Unfortunately, there is no real money back guarantee offered with Lateral Investment Strategy. As is typical for products from the Betfan group, the team say that it is not their policy to offer refunds. They do however say that they will review any requests and may offer refunds on a discretionary basis. I wouldn’t buy into Lateral Investment Strategy relying on this however.

What is the rate of return?

Simon Holden and Adrian Williams have been proofing Lateral Investment Strategy for a long time. Since May 2016 as it happens. In this time, the service has made 254.68 points of profit to single point stakes. Personally, I don’t feel that this is particularly profitable, especially given the performance of some of the competition. It is worth further pointing out that this also represents an ROI of just 5.17%. Again, this is not a figure that I would be writing home about.


Lateral Investment Strategy is expensive. Very expensive, in fact. This is a big problem as when you start to consider whether or not there is value for money on offer here. Considering even the best value package, you would have to stake £2 per bet just to cover the cost of your subscription with Lateral Investment Strategy. To make any real profit, you would have to bet quite a bit higher. If you were paying for selections on a monthly basis, you would have to be closer to £5 per bet. Just to cover subscription costs.

It is very easy (at least as far as I’m concerned) to see that there is something of a fiscal imbalance here. If you have a lot of money to throw at Lateral Investment Strategy, then you can probably turn a reasonable amount of profit but as it currently stands, there just isn’t that optin as far as I am concerned.

This is something of a shame as I do think that Simon Holden and Adrian Williams have put together a pretty decent system. The results aren’t bad. I can’t stress that enough. Yes, I have seen more profitable products, I won’t hide that fact. There aren’t many I have seen that have the apparent sustainability of Lateral Investment Strategy which only makes the fact that it is so overpriced even more disappointing.

I genuinely wanted to like Lateral Investment Strategy, and I do. The problem however is that as much as I like the system that Simon Holden and Adrian Williams have put together, I simply can’t recommend it. Looking at Lateral Investment Strategy as it is, all that I can really see is a very expensive investment that doesn’t warrant the return unless you continue to invest more. At half the price, I would be more than happy to recommend this, but in its current format, I simply can’t.



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