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Lay the Dogs Review

Lay the Dogs is a free tipster service for greyhound racing provided by an unnamed tipster that places its emphasis on laying selections.

What does the product offer?

Lay the Dogs is a lay betting tipster service for grey hound racing. Selections are sent out daily with the number of selections ranging from one to as high as six. The average odds are 6.34 and Lay the Dogs claims a strike rate of 82.81%. As well as the selections themselves the Lay the Dogs website also comes with advice on staking in order to maximise your profits.

How does the product work?

Being a lay betting system you will need access to Betfair or other betting exchange to make the most of Lay the Dogs. In terms of selections process, Lay the Dogs says nothing which would typically be a disappointment but as this is a free service this seems like a fair trade off.

What is the initial investment?

As I mentioned above Lay the Dogs gives away its selections for free. This appears to be a lifetime arrangement as selections go back to 2011.

What is the rate of return?

This is arguably the biggest issue with Lay the Dogs. At the time of writing it has achieved a profit of between 99.14 and 780 points depending on your staking plan. This amounts to an ROI of between 0.51% and 3.68%.


Lay the Dogs looks like an interesting proposition but frankly I can’t help but wonder what the target audience for this is. The fact that Lay the Dogs is a laying service alienates casual punters and for serious investors the rate of return simply isn’t good enough. There are ISAs available that offer more than Lay the Dogs and with no risk. That isn’t to denounce Lay the Dogs, the results seem pretty solid and there is no huge risk in trying Lay the Dogs, but personally I just think that this looks like a massive dump of time, effort and money compared to other options (such as just putting the money into a savings account).



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From: Simon Roberts