Layers Paradise Review

Layers Paradise is a lay betting tipster service for horse racing provided by Pro Betting Club. The service is run by a group of former bookmaker employees.

What does the product offer?

Layers Paradise is a tipster service from Pro Betting Club that uses back to lay principles to help users profit. The system claims to have a strike rate of 90.5% with only one losing month in 15. The system used by Layers Paradise uses high stakes and seems to favour a lower yield in order to secure wins (the profit for each race is fixed at 1 point before Betfair commission).

How does the product work?

Layers Paradise appears to use a combination of heavy analysis with the creators saying that any selection has to pass through an “exhaustive” set of filters before being considered. In terms of these filters it seems reasonable to assume that they will draw on the knowledge of the tipsters themselves as they are all ex-bookmaker employees.

What is the initial investment?

Layers Paradise is available for two lengths of subscription. The first is monthly and this will cost you £39.50 per month, the second is quarterly and this will cost you £89.50. In both cases there is no mention of a refund policy so it seems reasonable to expect that there is nothing in place.

What is the rate of return?

Layers Paradise is advertised as making £44,461 since its inception. This is based on £100 per point stakes though which will be out of most people’s bank. The point value of this is 444.61 which is still respectable enough.


Layers Paradise seems to be a genuine enough product, the income and strike rate are plausible given the fact it is a laying service. What will really put most people off are the potential losses.

With a number of them being 10 points or above this is a lot of money to lose out on in one go. This means that you have to have a large betting bank in place in order to sustain Layers Paradise and this isn’t something that everybody has the liberty of.



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From: Simon Roberts