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Lays on the Football is a new to market lay betting tipster service that is operated by Jamie B (James Barkley). He claims to be able to help people generate consistent profits through… well, lay betting on the football.

Introduction to Lays on the Football

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I often feel like how much you know about betting can massively influence how you see a tipster service. Now, when I say that, I don’t mean necessarily that you’re smashing out winning bets day and night (although frankly, if you are, fair play to you). What I mean is how aware you are of wider concepts. For example, I remember the very first time I saw a betting exchange. Just the idea of how it worked completely blew my mind. Of course, these days, it is well known that long term, that is probably the only real way of making money.

This is, of course, a very peculiar way to start a review. But it is quite important to me because Jamie B makes a huge deal out of some concepts that, in my mind, are very simple ones. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are bad concepts. It’s very obvious from the name that Lays on the Football utilises lay betting. A betting method that, when employed correctly, is a genuinely solid option. God knows, I have known plenty of people who have done well out of the method. Let’s be really frank though, it isn’t breaking new ground.

Of course, you don’t have to be revolutionising betting every time you put out a service. The fact of the matter is that some of the best services that I think I’ve looked at have done so without breaking new ground. So, in theory, that doesn’t have to mean that Lays on the Football is bad. Far from it. The truth of the matter though his that I do have some questions about what Jamie B is doing here. So, with all of that laid out, let’s get into it.

What Does Lays on the Football Offer?

One of the things that I quite like about Lays on the Football is that Jamie B is very clear about what his end goal with the service is. When you look at what is on offer, most tipsters seem to like skirting round the subject a bit. Here though, we’re effectively told that this is a service that has been designed to work for people who don’t necessarily have much time for betting but want consistent profits.

What this means for Lays on the Football is a daily tipster service that is focused on football, and bets “virtually every day of the year”. This is something that seems relatively innocuous, but actually carries some interesting connotations that I want to come back to a little later on. Of note though is the fact that you won’t be placing many bets. Jamie B says that at most you will be placing 3 bets per day.

Now, logistically, Lays on the Football is pretty much in line with what you would expect from a modern tipster service. It is an email based affairs with selections going out on the day of the game. In line with what you would expect for a lay betting service, there isn’t a huge amount of information. But I don’t necessarily think that you need it. It’s not like you have to get best odds.

With that said though, it does also bother me a little bit that Jamie B doesn’t provide any odds advice. You see, for those who don’tknow, when you place a lay bet you lay it at a certain liability. This means that you are paying out multiple times your stake. Which means that there should be a point where the liability risk outweighs the reward.

And this isn’t a trifling matter either unfortunately. I cannot begin to tell you how many lay betting tipster services I have seen in my time be absolutely decimated by virtue of bets where the liability has just gotten out of control. As such, it is definitely a point of contention here that Jamie B doesn’t address it. Doubly so because this is really a specialist lay betting service.

Now, in theory, this shouldn’t be a problem. The selections that Jamie B makes are somewhat limited in terms of their scope with odds. It is, after all, football betting. But the fact that stuff like this is overlooked with Lays on the Football does concern me a little bit. Especially when you consider the stakes that are involved.

You see, one of the big recommendations with Lays on the Football is that if you want to hit the claimed income, you should be staking £25 per bet. Building on this a little, Jamie B also says that he likes to bet with “reasonable stakes between £25 and £40”. That doesn’t necessarily seem like a huge amount of money.

But I urge you to think about it this way. If you’re laying a game at, say, 4.0, then that means that you’re losing out on £75 as a theoretical minimum if the result doesn’t go your way. Again, that doesn’t seem like a massive amount of money (although it would sting losing it) in and of itself. However, I want to put that into some context.

So, with all of that out of the way, I want to talk about betting banks. Because the sales material outright states that a recommended bank of £100 is advised. If you are using the “reasonable stakes” Jamie B says he uses for Lays on the Football, that may be just a single bet losing and your bank is gone. Now, I am being a bit facetious here. I imagine that £100 is the minimum with much smaller stakes. But the fact that this kind of basic information is missing is concerning.

As a little bit of an aside, I want to talk about the strike rate. Or rather, the implied strike rate for Lays on the Football. You see, Jamie B doesn’t actually make any specific claims himself. What he does do however is show 20 bets over the course of 6 days. Here we see just 2 losing bets suggesting a strike rate of around 90%. I am however unconvinced of this.  

How Does Lays on the Football Work?

At the start of this, I talked about how Jamie B says that he bets virtually every day and what that means. The fact is that betting like that on football inevitably means covering some niche betting. Now, inherently, there is nothing wrong with this. Plenty of people use a niche approach to produce a profit. But they can usually demonstrate this in some way.

With Lays on the Football, what we are told is that Jamie B is “a ‘global’ football fan meaning that my methods and systems apply to ALL leagues. I can apply them to any leagues in Europe, I can even do it on Brazilian leagues! It all comes down to the research indicators and statistics that I use”. That sounds great though right? Because surely those “research indicators and statistics” can be applied universally.

Well, if they can, there is no mention of how. The fact is that in terms of the selection process for Lays on the Football, there isn’t a lot that is really demonstrated. We are just given vague statements from Jamie B like others who know “how in-depth I like to [sic] when it comes to my research of bets”.  It really does concern me a little bit, especially in light of the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any accurate representation of what lay betting really entails.

The nail in the coffin for me is this. Jamie B says that he has proofed his bets to a test group for 60 days, over which time 71 bets were advised. However, probably not surprisingly, we aren’t actually given any proofing for Lays on the Football. There are a few screenshots but the scope of these is incredibly limited, and given that there should be 71 bets available, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect to see 71 bets.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to Lays on the Football, there are a few different options available. There has also been some rather interesting developments. So, when I first started looking at this, there was a 3 month subscription which was priced at £33 plus VAT (but is £32 on the payment page). Alternatively, you could sign up for the full year and pay £75 plus VAT.

Since the however, there has been a 1 months subscription added which allows you access to selections for just £14 plus VAT. This is supposedly a limited time offering. Adding an option like this is also something that I’ve never seen a tipster do.

Whichever option you choose, Lays on the Football comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee which is well advertised within the sales material. This is backed up by the fact that Jamie B is selling the service through Clickbank. They are typically pretty good at ensuring that customers get this as well.  

What is the Rate of Return?

When it comes to the results for Lays on the Football, you really have to contextualise some numbers. Jamie B says that in 60 days, his followers made £1,000 to £25 stakes. This means that he has made a profit of 40 points over 2 months. Honestly, that isn’t too shabby for a laying service. It would put you on course for 240 points a year, which is a very respectable number.

Here’s the thing though, that is over 71 bets. Now for those who don’t know, the returns on lay betting work like this. You effectively profit by your stake if the bet wins (minus exchange commission). If your bet loses, you pay out at the odds you layed at minus your stake. With that in mind, this suggests that there have been some big losses to Lays on the Football that are very conveniently skipped over by Jamie B. Which is very concerning.

Conclusion for Lays on the Football

In my experience, there are certain things that seem to be pushed by tipsters as being a complete betting system. And there two types of things that I will always refute. Firstly, any tipster who claims that a staking plan amounts to a betting system is lying to you. I’ve yet to see a tipster service that is solely about using the right stakes. The other system that I’m wary of is one that leans into a certain bet type.

Now, I appreciate that this is a bit of a controversial opinion, so I do want to qualify it. There is nothing wrong with using certain bet types to improve your odds. Nor is there anything wrong with using different staking plans to maximise your profits. But these are only positives when they are supporting a decent system that knows how to identify winning bets. Lays on the Football doesn’t do that, at all.

The whole crux of this service boils down to the notion that lay betting is somehow inherently superior. I don’t believe for a single second that it is. When correctly managed, it can be a very profitable approach, but what does Jamie B actually do to show that this is correctly managed?

There is no talk of the system that he uses outside of referencing that it exists. He talks about using statistics and indicators, but what does that really mean? Without context for a strategy, not a whole lot. As far as I’m concerned there is almost no reason to follow Lays on the Football with nothing but a concerning lack of evidence.

About the closest that we come to evidence is Jamie B providing a number of different testimonials about his service. Here’s the thing though. These are questionable screenshots, ad all of the emails are sent between about 4am and 7am on the same date. Hardly peak time for popping off a message to your tipster about how great they are. Meanwhile, actually reading the testimonials, they don’t sound like they’ve been written by real people at all.

Then there are other concerning elements of Lays on the Football. For example, those testimonials are all for a service called “Betting Bank Builder”. If you try to visit the website, it redirects to Lays on the Football. So if that service was so successful, why hasn’t Jamie B kept it up? It just doesn’t quite sit right with me really.

Now here’s the thing. Any one of those issues on their own, I could possible overlook. But let’s just list them out. Information on the selection process? Absent. Proofing? Absent. No real direction on betting? Very much there (unfortunately). Testimonials? Questionable. Previous service? Non-existent. And I could keep going with the flaws that surround Lays on the Football if I wanted to. But what I wanted to show is just how many of them there are here.

And it is because of that that I can’t really see anything here that warrants genuine consideration. It isn’t necessarily that lay betting is a problem, or what Jamie B does is inherently bad. But there is just a hell of a lot very simple and straightforward information missing. Information that I believe any other genuine tipster would be happy to provide. Which begs the question, why doesn’t Lays on the Football?


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