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Lead System Network Review

Lead System Network is a multi level marketing company that claims to offer a complete marketing solution that users use to sell their products.

What does the product offer?

Lead System Network is frankly a rather confusing and mixed bag with very little tangible information made available. When you log into Lead System Network with your free account you will be given access to a number of marketing tools, the majority of which are reserved for paid membership. These include features that you would typically expect any marketer to be using like webinars, mailing lists etc. You can also earn income based on signing up other users to Lead System Network.

How does the product work?

Again, this is subject to some debate in my opinion. Whilst Lead System Network does talk about paying out commissions and affiliate marketing there are no real products listed that you are marketing. In fact, these seem to be mostly the same tools that you use and an app for mobile development. You can however earn money for getting new users to sign up to Lead System Network, something that is very questionable for reasons I shall explore below.

What is the initial investment?

Accessing the tools that Lead System Network have in place is a monthly affair with basic access coming in at $4.95 for month one with subsequent months costing $30. You can also sign up for a pro package for an additional $17 per month.

What is the rate of return?

This isn’t ever covered in any substantial detail however there are claims of $1,000 in a single sale and “Infinity Income” through “profit sharing pools”.


There is a lot about Lead System Network that raises eyebrows, from the products that you sell (which are basically the same tools that you are using to market) to the lack of information on the company. The fact is that a legitimate multi level marketing company will always put an emphasis on the product that they offer whereas Lead System Network seems more concerned with getting users to sign people up to use their marketing tools. This is a very tenuous “product” at best.

This for me is the big no no. There are a huge number of multi level marketing companies that believe in the products that they encourage people to sell, but I cannot stress enough that Lead System Network does not have a tangible product to sell. I would absolutely recommend avoiding this.



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From: Simon Roberts