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Lee Mckenna is a marketer from the North of England, UK, who has been involved in internet marketing for a good number of years. Many marketers try to make money online, although Lee is somebody who has succeeded where most fail.. or so it seemed…

Where most newbies entering the marketplace follow a strict set of rules on how to generate traffic, and an email list, Lee has his own ideas on doing this, and it certainly seemed to work for him. Lee Mckenna has now been jailed for fraud.

If you have heard of Lee, then chances are that you have come across one of the various marketing programmes that Lee himself promotes.

Updated 22 October 2015:

We have since been alerted that Lee Mckenna has been jailed for fraud, and although we will not elabourate on this too much, this is what can be found from the searches:


It seems from the searches on the search engines that Lee has been convicted over advertising under false pretenses, claiming he was more successful than he actually was; using falsified videos, images and equity status, as well as running pyramid schemes, and was recently sentenced to 2 years in prison.

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