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Leisure Racing Services is a new horse racing tipster service operated by the Winning Information Network arm of the Betfan group in conjunction with a tipster known only as Mark.

What does the product offer?

Leisure Racing Services is a the newest launch from Winning Information Network that is being sold on the back of doubling your bank “over & over again!!!”. This is certainly a bold claim and one that is likely well documented given this is a Betfan product, however what you need to do in order to obtain this result is something that remains to be seen.

In terms of what you are getting yourself into, Leisure Racing Services is a relatively straightforward tipster service on paper. It is a daily affair with selections that appear to be focused on value based bets. Selections are sent out via email to users as well as being uploaded to a member’s area of the Wining Information Network website.

The volume of bets that Mark sends out to Leisure Racing Services subscribers is generally rather low compared to some of the Betfan products that I have looked at before. In fact, most days see just 3 or 4 selections issued. These are mostly win bets however zz has historically also recommended each way bets and even the occasional double.

In terms of the numbers side of things, the staking plan is one of the more interesting aspects of Leisure Racing Services. There is the usual Betfan staking plan which involves betting between 1 and 5 points per bet (although to credit Mark, Leisure Racing Services very rarely seems to be at the top end of this scale). There is also a rather complex staking plan which involves compounding your winnings in order to maximise the overall profits.

The final thing to look at is the strike rate which currently sits at 21.98%, however this doesn’t paint the full picture. Whilst generally speaking Leisure Racing Services follows this over an average day, there have been some very strong ups and downs at play. For example, I didn’t have to look very hard to find an 11 bet losing streak which at higher stakes can really damage a betting bank, especially one that is starting out.

How does the product work?

Unfortunately, there is very little in the way of information on what the selection process for Leisure Racing Services actually entails which is very disappointing. What little information is provided seems to have more to do with bravado and salesmanship than anything else. For example, Winning Information Network talk quite a bit about how much experience Mark has betting on horses (20 years plus) and the hard graft that he puts into it, but this is all that is said.

There is some information that can be gleaned from the sales material however. For example, there is talk about how Leisure Racing Services has been designed for a long term approach, and as I have touched upon, there is a strong sense of value at play. This is mostly down to the fact that Mark clearly favours horses with longer odds. When you look at the long term proofing charts with this in mind, there are enough spikes to suggest that he isn’t simply getting lucky.

What is the initial investment?

Interestingly there are only two options if you want to sign up for Leisure Racing Services. The first of these is a one of 90 day option. What this means is that you pay £69 for 90 days and once this time has elapsed, it will not renew. The other option is the same 90 day subscription at the same cost, except it does automatically renew.

As Leisure Racing Services is sold through Betfan, this means that their usual refund policy (or lack thereof) is in place. Betfan say that they do not offer any money back guarantee on their products however they do also say that they will review any refund requests.

What is the rate of return?

Looking at the returns using the normal staking plan, Leisure Racing Services has made a profit of 288.10 points since May. This represents an average ROI of 14.46% however it doesn’t paint a complete picture. Leisure Racing Services has been a rather up and down affair with around 120 points of profit coming in a 2 week period.

If you were to use the compound staking plan that Mark recommends, a £2,000 bank on the 16h of May would now be worth just over £10,000. This is a significant return however some of the stakes involved may be a touch much for some users.


As far as tipster services go, Leisure Racing Services is a relatively consistent affair. There are very clearly ups and downs and that is something that you will have to consider, but this is par for the course with any tipster service. Personally, I would say that it is manageable although if you were using the compounding staking plan then I think that you would struggle in some regards (in terms of getting bookies to accept your bets etc.

The other problem that immediately presents itself is that if you do buy into Leisure Racing Services, you are tied in for a 90 day period. Whilst I wouldn’t say that it is particularly expensive for the length of the period, the fact that you have no kind of “trial” option is something that I see as offputting.

In many respects however, Leisure Racing Services is a decent enough service and there is a lot here to like. There are no excessively busy days which means that whilst the stakes can rack up in cost, it doesn’t mean putting 50 plus points on per day which is something that I have seen with other Betfan products.

The thing for me is that if you want to view Leisure Racing Services as exceptional in any way, you have to consider the compounded staking plan. In some respects, I feel that this “middle of the roadness” is one of the big problems with Leisure Racing Services. This is a shame as I do feel like there is some degree of potential in Leisure Racing Services.



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