LetClicks Review

LetClicks is a brand new product from Kimberly, Danny and Vipul (aka Team LetX). It claims to be able to improve your click through rate on Facebook by allowing you to post redirectable image posts.

What does the product offer?

The first thing that you see upon landing on the LetClicks sales page tells you everything that Team LetX have to say about their product. Ultimately, this is that you can profit through their “instant redirectable image posts”. Furthermore, this process sis claimed to be very straight forward with no technical skills required. “Anyone, Including You, Can Do This!” the headline says.

So, what are you getting with LetClicks exactly? There appears to be quite a lot happens in the background with LetClicks and I will ultimately look at this a little later on. Essentially however, the service offers you the ability to post images that can the redirect to a different website. What this means, is that when you post a link with LetClicks, it is larger and clearer than a normal shared link.

All of this supposedly allows you to increase engagement with your users and there is some evidence provide to suggest that this is in fact the case.  This affect is rather demonstrable with Team LetX claiming that Facebook posts with images get  more than double the audience engagement. You can also create “Clickable Video Links” with LetClicks. Whilst all of this sounds very impressive, it is important to keep in mind that these are simply GIF’s, crude animated images.

Naturally, LetClicks comes with a suite of tools which you can use to build your ads and monitor their performance. The first example of this is an image editor. This is rather crude and allows you to carry out some basic photo manipulation techniques. Team LetX have also built into LetClicks the ability to clone image links that you have created so that they can be used multiple times.

The other tools that ship with LetClicks are based more on the back end and allow you to concentrate on how ads have performed. You can monitor the effectiveness of an ad by how many clicks you ae getting through. There is also an option to organise your campaigns so you can further whittle down what is and isn’t working for future campaigns.

I also feel that it is important to acknowledge somewhere that Team LetX have built LetClicks to be compatible across all web browsers and mobile platforms. It is also claimed to be fully compliant with the terms and conditions of Facebook.

Finally, LetClicks ships with a number of different bonuses (at the time of writing). These include an additional image editor, a large number of “meme” style images for use in your campaigns. You can also create your own custom link for shortening messages (which rather interestingly sends somebody through Let Clicks. This means that your link looks like joeblogs.letclicks.com. For my money, this lacks a professional look however.

How does the product work?

At its core, LetClicks does exactly what I have described. By allowing you to present your images and links in a different, more “stand out” fashion, it seems reasonable to expect that you should see some increase in traffic. The fact that you can link directly is a massive boon to any internet marketer who uses Facebook frequently.

If I am honest, this is about all that I can say in terms of how LetClicks works. Team LetX have taken a very straight forward part of marketing and improved it slightly. This is of course no mean feat and certainly shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand. Whilst there isn’t perhaps quite as much evidence as I would like that LetClicks does work, there is certainly some evidence and it is a reasonable claim that a larger image is more likely to catch a person’s eye.

There is one other thing which Team LetX claim is key to the whole thing which is the shape of the ads. When LetClicks creates an image, it is cropped and resized as a square. This is supposedly because on a mobile screen, a square takes up additional screen space. Given that the majority of Facebook traffic is supposedly mobile, it makes sense to cater your ads to mobile users.

What is the initial investment?

LetClicks is currently priced at a discounted rate, supposedly just for the launch period. This means that you can buy access to LetClicks for $27 rather than the “real value” of $99. It is worth pointing out that there is a monthly subscription fee in place once you have paid your setup fee. This is billed at $9.99.

There is a money back guarantee in place for LetClicks, however this is only for 30 days. Furthermore, because Team LetX are selling their product through JVZoo, you will have to deal with the vendors directly.

What is the rate of return?

There isn’t really an advertised rate of return for LetClicks which makes a lot of sense. Whilst I wouldn’t dispute that using the service could well increase your income, truthfully this is not a direct money making product. With this in mind, I can see LetClicks driving more traffic for you, but how that would convert into pounds and pence can only really be speculated on.


Like so many products that pertain to internet marketing, LetClicks does a very good job of seeming reasonable. I’d like to highlight however that in my experience, these things rarely pan out quite as expected. Put bluntly, it is often a question of whether or not a product or service adds value to your business.

For my money, if you are going to pay $9.99 per month, LetClicks has to attract a certain number of visitors more than a standard ad would. What this number is will ultimately depend on how you run your online business, what you sell etc. In my opinion, I don’t quite see the value being there. LetClicks isn’t expensive, but I can’t see it bringing in traffic that wouldn’t already be looking at your products/services. Those that it does, are also unlikely to be buyers in my opinion.

With all of this in mind, if you are looking for a small boost to your click through rates, then LetClicks or something like it might serve you well. This is a product however that I would personally approach with very realistic expectations of what it can achieve.



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From: Simon Roberts