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Let’s Bet Smart is a new to market horse racing tipster service which is being offered through the Best System Bets stable of tipsters. Selections come courtesy of tipster Sam Nettleton.

Introduction to Let’s Bet Smart

It has been a while since I’ve opened a review by quoting a headline from a service but when Best System Bets start their marketing pitch by saying “START BETTING THE SMART WAY!”, it is rather difficult not to look at that. It is such a marvelously meaningless and esoteric statement that from a marketing standpoint, has the bonus of sounding very positive.

Unfortunately, Sam Nettleton doesn’t ever quite come to tell us what this means, but it is definitely an interesting way to start. As are the number of 5 star reviews that follow this for the service, all coming from a number of entirely unspecified publications.

All of course sing the praises of Let’s Bet Smart in a number of ways including managing to link back to that tagline. I’ll come back to this though. So, that is a pretty good start for Let’s Bet Smart then surely? Positive reviews for Sam Nettleton’s selections, Best System Bets making some very strong claims (they also say that it is “the MOST profitable daily ACCA EDGE tipster service). Does it deliver though? Let’s see.  

What Does Let’s Bet Smart Offer?

So, what do you actually get here? There is a lot that sounds rather promising. Well, for my money, the best place to start with Let’s Bet Smart is the bets themselves as ultimately, this is what the service is based on. It also seems to be what those vague references to smart betting allude to (although this is slightly speculative on my behalf).

They have been mentioned already, but Let’s Bet Smart is based around betting on Acca Edge bets (or similar). For those who aren’t familiar with these, they are a bet type which is offered through Betfair’s sports book. What is unique about them is that they offer a number of incentives for “getting close” with your accumulator bets, effectively cutting the risk of being let down.

In terms of the accumulators, there is nothing particularly wild here and that will become a cause for concern for reasons that I will explore a little later. But what you are looking at with Let’s Bet Smart is anything from a treble up to a five fold.

In some ways, I am surprised that it has taken so long for a service to appear that takes advantage of this as at first glance, it seems like a complete no brainer. But there are a lot of trade offs that you have to consider with this betting type that I will cover a little later on in this article.

With that out of the way, we know what we are getting in to. We also know that there are near daily selections which, as you would expect, are sent directly to Let’s Bet Smart subscribers via email. All of this is managed by Best System Bets who are a company who I have encountered rather a lot of negativity around in the past, but I will return to this in my conclusion.

Honestly, there is quite limited information provided in terms of Let’s Bet Smart, and that does become a bit of a problem. Everything that I have seen from Sam Nettleton and Best System Bets focus on how the Acca Edge bet type is a godsend and they don’t tell you a whole lot about the service. This applies to a number of elements including the staking plan.

From what I can gather, this is a level affair with 1 point per bet advised. Sam Nettleton says that he personally stakes £100 per bet, however the “evidence” provided suggests a number much lower than this. There is unfortunately very little clarification on this matter from what I have seen of Let’s Bet Smart and that is definitely a problem for me.

The fact of the matter is that whilst the Acca Edge bet type does mitigate the risk somewhat, betting on accumulators requires a disciplined hand and a robust betting bank.

 From what I have seen of Let’s Bet Smart so far, there is little to suggest that there has been a whole lot of consideration for this fact. In fact, the sales material seems to simply show Sam Nettleton preferring to boast about how much he is able to bet because he knows that he is going to win. Something which is entirely unsubstantiated by any sort of real evidence or proofing.

In spite of this fact, that doesn’t stop him from making some very bold claims about just how often you can expect to win. The sales material states that the average strike rate over 4 yrars stands at 54.69%. This is a massive figure for a service which is based around betting on accumulators. It is also unsubstantiated.

How Does Let’s Bet Smart Work?

So, there are two elements to how Let’s Bet Smart works. The first of these is the Acca Edge. I want to start by talking about this simply because for Best System Bets, it is clearly their unique selling point. Honestly, this bet type isn’t all that special. It is an accumulator in which if you are let down by a single bet, you receive money back on your accumulator.

It seems like a no brainer that this is what you would go for, but there is of course some trade off if you opt for this bet type. After all, bookies don’t give anything away for free. What you get for utilising Acca Edge on your bet is a quite substantial reduction in odds. This leads me to question the one piece of evidence Sam Nettleton does have where he seems to get 10/1 odds.

The other aspect of the service is the selection process. Not at all surprisingly to me, Best System Bets and Sam Nettleton are adamant that it must be kept under wraps. There are vague mentions of algorithms and formulas, as well as a number of  claims about looking at intensive amounts of data varying from who the sire of a horse is, all the way down to seasonal trainer form.

This all sounds impressive to the layperson, I will admit. But those who are more astute will note that what this doesn’t actually tell us is anything remotely concrete about the selection process for Let’s Bet Smart. That is particularly problematic for me in the face of no actual proofing for the service.

I genuinely believe that when you are buying into a tipster service, you should have a tangible idea of what to expect. After all, you wouldn’t blindly buy a car based off a description would you? Unfortunately, this is pretty much what Best System Bets are asking you to do with Let’s Bet Smart and that is hugely off putting.  

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two different options available if you want to subscribe to Let’s Bet Smart, and honestly, I find them to be hugely concerning. The first thing that Sam Nettleton and Best System Bets offer is a 12 month subscription which is priced at £39 (plus VAT). There is also an option to extend this to a lifetime subscription for a cost of an additional £39 (plus VAT).

This option comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee which is backed up by the fact that Let’s Bet Smart is being sold through Clickbank. This is typically standard for services of this nature and provides you with a way of minimising your risk.

Alternatively, you can sign up to Let’s Bet Smart for £29 (plus VAT) for that 12 month subscription, with the option to extend that for a lifetime at an additional £29 (plus VAT). If you sign up with that discount though, it is all handled directly through Best System Bets. As such, you forfeit any right to a money back guarantee.

What is the Rate of Return?

Sam Nettleton claims in the sales material that over the last 4 years, he has made £65,000 from the same betting strategies he is sharing with Let’s Bet Smart. Unfortunately, this isn’t really expanded on outside of a claim that he has made £27,489.22 this year using £100 stakes. That means a points profit of 274.89.

We are also told that you can expect earnings of £785 per month to £20 stakes which works out at 39.25 points per month. This is roughly in line with the above claim with a minute discrepancy.

That isn’t the problem for me though, the issue lies in the fact that Sam Nettleton and Best System Bets simply provide some questionable screenshots of betting accounts in order to back these claims up. As mentioned before, there is no real proofing for Let’s Bet Smart with the exception of one betting slip which was for the 11th of August this year.

What is massively concerning to me though is the fact that this is recorded to £25 stakes. In and of itself, that isn’t a problem, however Sam Nettleton is adamant that his results have been that strong historically that he has been able to go from £50 stakes to £100 stakes. Whilst the aforementioned discrepancy can be written off, this kind of thing is pretty substantial.

Conclusion for Let’s Bet Smart

Acca Edge bets seem like a great thing when they are described by Sam Nettleton. I will even admit that not being immediately familiar with them, I was quite impressed with the concept. When researching everything for this look at Let’s Bet Smart though, it became very apparent to me just how much you actually pay for that reduced risk.

Now, I want to point out that when I looked at the bets listed below, I was looking at some football bets that were “dead certs”, just to see what kind of impact that would have on your acca odds. And the odds that Betfair gave reflected that. As it happens, I am adding this edit as there were a few upsets, but I still think that it paints a good picture of what to expect.

So, when it came to looking for bets, I picked the following football games. United to beat Palace, City to beat Bournemouth, and Tottenham to beat Newcastle. The odds with Acca Edge on dropped from 1.96 to 1.2. Add in Barcelona to beat Betis, Real Madrid to beat Valladolid and Atletico Madrid to bear Leganes and your odds drop from 5.17 to 3.2.

Those are some significant drops in odds though, and as such, you will really need to win a lot more often than you would with standard accumulator bets. Now, that is a part and parcel of the service. Sam Nettleton effectively spends a lot of time talking about how you will win more often this way, and get returns on your bets if you are let down by one horse.

The biggest problems that I have with Let’s Bet Smart really come down to the fact that there is that lack of information that I talked about. I don’t believe that Best System Bets really provide a good enough explanation of what the selection process entails. Sam Nettleton doesn’t really provide enough information on why Acca Edge bets are that much better to standard accumulators.

Nor do I believe that they adequately explain why they use Acca Edge bets rather than a normal bet. If you look at the claimed strike rate, surely, you would think, the overall profit potential of Let’s Bet Smart could be increased exponentially if you weren’t dealing with that drop in odds that you get when using Acca Edge.

Honestly, there is just this massive focus on trying to sell you the idea that you are getting yourself into something positive. In my opinion though, things like having an option without a refund policy and a lack of any real evidence that Let’s Bet Smart works are just massive red flags and so it is difficult to really see what this positive is supposed to be.

Things like proofing are pretty much standard, and if that basic info is lacking, it highlights what else might be. Probably the final nail in the coffin though I the fact that I have looked at products from Best System Bets before and unfortunately, their services have historically been underwhelming and rarely have they produced results even close to their claims.

With all of this in mind, I see little to suggest Let’s Bet Smart will buck this trend and, as such, I can’t really recommend it. There are simply too many things that are skimmed over and not nearly enough evidence to back up the few things that are discussed.


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