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Let’s Have Cash Review

Let’s Have Cash is a product that involves paying to market your products and also offers users an opportunity to join a bitcoin mining syndicate.

What does the product offer?

Let’s Have Cash is something of a mixed bag that seems rather confused about what it is. At the core of the Let’s Have Cash seems to be a marketing scheme whereby you can pay to have your adverts showed to seemingly other members with a claimed guaranteed return. As mentioned, Let’s Have Cash also operates a bitcoin mining program that appears to put you into a mining pool. Finally, Let’s Have Cash also operate a referral scheme.

How does the product work?

The material for Let’s Have Cash says that if you purchase an ad pack then you are entitled to have your ads shown to other users. In return, you have to click other users ads to make money. The Bitcoin side of things is pretty straight forward with you acting as part of a cloud mining syndicate.

What is the initial investment?

Signing up to Let’s Have Cash is free with the cheapest advertising packages costing $10 with the second tier costing $20. The bitcoin is far from an affordable option with even the basic package costing $500.

What is the rate of return?

Depending on what you invest in depends on how much you can expect to earn with the ad packages offering 2-3% daily on your investment. The bitcoin mining is claimed to earn 2% daily too. The referral scheme can then further bolster your income based on the income of the people that you refer.


Let’s Have Cash frankly looks like an extraordinarily questionable set up. The whole thing is littered with promises but at no point is adequate explanation offered about how they can be achieved. The only part that is explained is the bitcoin side of things in which Let’s Have Cash pay you at the value of the coins that you mine as opposed to the coins themselves. Given that this virtual currency is primarily used for speculative purchasing this eliminates a lot of the attraction and further highlights how questionable Let’s Have Cash looks.



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From: Simon Roberts