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Level Up Bets is a new to market esports betting tipster service that is operated by one Jason Townsend. He claims that his esports tips can earn you a very lucrative profit.

Introduction to Level Up Bets

I’ve called it before, and I will call it again. Esports is going to continue to get bigger. Games like Dota 2 have given out over $200 million in prizes. Counter-Strike, over $100 million. Fortnite, a relative newcomer, has given out just shy of $100 million. There is a huge amount of money involved, and it all appeals to a younger generation of people. And with the growth of the sport, there is an increase in betting on it as well. At this point, there are specialist bookies out there dealing exclusively with the sport.

Inevitably, there is also a huge market for tipsters out there too. All of whom claim to be the next big thing, and winning huge amounts of money betting on esports. This doesn’t strike me as a coincidence. There isn’t necessarily a lot of overlap between professional gamers and people who are seeking out tipsters. Which allow services like Level Up Bets to make massive claims in which tipsters like Jason Townsend can say whatever they want about what they’re doing. Because if you don’t understand it, as long as it sounds reasonable, why wouldn’t you believe it?

This isn’t a criticism of punters or esports tipsters, I would hasten to add. There are a good few out there who make reasonable money from it. And there are plenty of punters to whom technology isn’t their stomping ground. And to those people, Jason Townsend claiming to be a “master coder” who is able to make a six figure income through esports betting might make sense. If you told me you were going to MIG Weld an axel strut to a prop shaft, I’d probably just not and go along with it (I don’t even know if they are real things. Just words I’ve heard). And Level Up Bets is no different. So, let’s get into it.

What Does Level Up Bets Offer?

One of the few things that I like about Level Up Bets is the fact that it is all incredibly simple. Whilst Jason Townsend is working with something of a niche sport (at least, at the moment), their approach to tipping is… Well, I feel like the most polite way of describing it is “a bit basic”. There are a few different ways you can take this but let me explain myself.

First things first, let’s talk logistics. Jason Townsend advertises his service as being a daily tipster service. And this really does seem to be the case. From what I have seen so far, Level Up Bets is yet to miss a single day. This is something that I always find to be a little bit concerning.

I can appreciate fully the fact that you might find frequent selections, but when they’re daily like this, I always worry that tips are being selected for the sake of it. Something that I can’t help but feel is somewhat supported when you look at how Level Up Bets is supposed to work.

Management wise, this is everything that you would expect from this kind of tipster service. Selections are sent out directly via email, usually in the morning (at least, that has been the case to date). You are then pretty much left alone to try and get the right odds. This is where I lean on that old friend, an odds comparison site.

The fact of the matter is that whilst some bookies take bets on esports, it is still a bit of a niche arena. For some context on this, a relatively big event that is happening soon for Counter-Strike (one of the biggest esports games) has just 7 bookies offering bets. By being able to simply see which bookies you can actually back a bet through, as well as who has the best odds, all in one place, you make following Level Up Bets much easier on yourself.

In terms of the bets themselves, there can be a range of different markets in esports. This is down to the type of game that is being played. Where something like football is organised the same across the world, esports is made up of a huge number of different types of games. First person shooters, to MOBA games, to sports games, and even fighting games all have big followings, and naturally, all play very differently.

This means that betting on them through the more specialised bookies opens up huge numbers of betting markets. Level Up Bets however is concerned with the much more simple “who will win”. In some respects, that is a good thing, allowing for a much easier experience as a consumer. However, it does come with restrictions on odds.

Here’s the thing, when you are betting on esports, the odds range can be all over the place. The closest sport that most people may know that I can think to compare it to is tennis. Because it is “one on one” (even when there are teams) with a very singular outcome (generally speaking). As such, you can find that the odds are limited due to the potential for upset.

With all of that out of the way, I want to talk stakes. This is an area where Jason Townsend doesn’t provide a whole lot of insight. Which is massively concerning to me given the claimed income. If I’m realistic, if I were following Level Up Bets, I wouldn’t be staking more than 1 point per bet. I would also aim to have a decent betting bank of at least 100 points to cover any drawdown. A number that almost seems counter intuitive given the supposed strike rate.

You see, we are told that Jason Townsend is able to identify winning selections with an incredible accuracy of 90%. That sounds unbelievable and well… To me, it is a little bit. The fact of the matter is that there isn’t a whole lot of evidence backing this up. As such, I really don’t think it’s unreasonable being sceptical of this.   

How Does Level Up Bets Work?

In terms of how Level Up Bets works, there isn’t really a whole lot of specific information, so much as, Jason Townsend presenting narrative about how he got to the point he is at now. This follows a rather predictable track for this kind of service and includes him talking about how his dad was a keen bettor but never won. Fortunately, Jason Townsend broke the mould and was a “top coder” at his university. A skill that he turned towards developing a horse racing system.

We are told that he developed a “half decent system” in “only a matter of days”, however, Jason Townsend says that he was one day struck by inspiration to develop the same approach for esports betting. He began “developing code” as he knew he was onto a winner. Supposedly because “By massively cutting down on the number of external variables, such as weather conditions, track grades, injuries, etc, my selections would be infinitely more accurate”.

And that is about all that we’re told really. There is a vague allusion to Level Up Bets using “historical and current data” and that selections are cross referenced with player and team social media, but that is about it. Really, there is a shocking lack of information that describes what you are getting into here.

It isn’t even like you get any proofing. Instead, Level Up Bets is based almost exclusively around simply taking Jason Townsend’s word that his “coding” has produced a “sophisticated system”. A system that we have no information or insight into, outside of “there are less variables than horse racing”. Probably not all that surprisingly, this isn’t the best of starts.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to Level Up Bets, there is only one option available. This is a one time cost of £29.99 plus VAT, for which you apparently get access to selections for life (at least, the life of Level Up Bets). I say that because Jason Townsend doesn’t really specify how long his tips will be delivered for, and in my experience with this sort of thing, it is very rarely what I would call long term.

One thing that is worth noting with Level Up Bets is that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place. This is backed up by the fact that the service is being sold via Clickbank. Historically, they have been very good at ensuring that this is honoured, however, it does seem to be more conditional these days.  

What is the Rate of Return?

Now we come to the reason, more than any other, that I think you would give consideration to Level Up Bets. That is the income potential. Jason Townsend claims that you can make £140,000 this year. A number that appears to be based off a questionable William Hill screenshot that shows £144,678.22 in it.

Elsewhere in the sales material, there are references made to making in excess of £10,000 per month, “testimonials” claiming that they’ve made lifechanging amounts of money in a small period of time. There is also a claim of making £2,000 plus per week. All of which is in line with that headlining claim.

The only issue that I have with this is that there isn’t a staking plan with Level Up Bets. As such, even if you did buy into these results, there is no context for them. £140,000 could be 140 points of profit to £1,000 stakes, or 14,000 points of profit to £10 stakes. As a stand alone number, it unfortunately means nothing in my opinion.

Conclusion for Level Up Bets

In this line of work, you tend to be able to see through… shall we say, questionable services. And in the case of Level Up Bets, there are a huge number of questionable elements that exist here. The real question is where exactly do I start? Because there are a huge number of these things to discuss.

Firstly, I want to start by addressing the information on how Level Up Bets is supposed to work. Or more specifically, I want to talk about the complete and utter lack of it. Because, frankly, it has been a long time since I have seen something that is so transparently missing even basic insight into what they are offering.

Going full circle back to my introduction to all of this, it seems very much like “Jason Townsend” has sat down and tried to find what would “fit” for marketing an esports tipster service. Let’s be honest here. If you didn’t really know a whole lot about esports and what is involved etc. you may well look at the idea of someone being a coder and think that it just fits.

After all, coding is computers. Level Up Bets is based around tipping computer games. If you didn’t really understand what you were looking at, it would seem like a good fit. And of course, Jason Townsend being a coder is a perfect opportunity to talk about how he has coded his own system without actually being accountable for any type of explanation as to what it is.

Whilst we’re poking giant holes in Level Up Bets, let’s return to that ludicrous claimed profit. I know I’ve covered it already, but when something seems too good to be true, that is generally an indicator of what you are getting yourself into. Especially when that claim is as far fetched as £144,000 profit in a year.

I can tell you for nothing that I know people who haven’t even got to a tenth of this amount before their accounts have been massively restricted or even shut down. Do I really believe then, off the back of that, that Jason Townsend has six figures sat in a William Hill account? Of course not. The whole set up here is, in my eyes, designed to appeal to those who simply aren’t able to see through Level Up Bets’s questionable marketing.

Honestly, I could keep going with this, but I won’t. Here’s the bottom line. The only evidence that Level Up Bets works is highly questionable. It is also only available through Jason Townsend with no real independent proofing or testimonials that I believe to be genuine. You really are taking his word that he is able to make you this kind of money. The issue with this is that he is also the one person who stands to benefit if you buy into everything.

All of this means that realistically, I really wouldn’t look to recommend Level Up Bets. At all. This is by far and away one of the most questionable tipster services that I have seen for a long time, and that really is saying something. Sure, it is cheap, but as I often say, if you aren’t paying a lot of money for a bad product, you’re still paying for a bad product. And honestly, it isn’t even like the money back guarantee carries the weight that it once did (in my eyes).

With all of that in mind, I cannot stress enough to you how much this is a service to avoid. Realistically, the best case scenario is that you will actually receive tips for Jason Townsend for the full 60 days until the refund period ends, and if you’re really lucky, you might scrape out a few quid profit. It is much more likely though that you may not even get a chance to see this though, and end up somewhere in the red.


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