Liberro Discount Codes On Offer, up to 40% on Ecig Codes and Reviews

Liberro discount codes are not great, and there products we have found to be of a certain acquired taste. Liberro are one of the first electronic cigarettes that most people try, But…


Although an entry level e cig company that will give you an idea of what is on offer when switching from conventional tobacco versions, there is still a certain criteria we think you should follow when choosing. Are there better alternatives to using this company? We believe there are, and if you are genuine, serious and willing to save more money, with better flavours, and options, then you will probably want to read what we have to say on this matter.

Quitting smoking is not an easy option for most smokers. Some may have tried several methods which may or may not have been successful. But when all else still fails, why not try an alternative instead such as electronic cigarettes? Liberro e-cigarettes are a great way to start your switch from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs.


But there ARE better alternatives, and to read all about these alternatives, Click Here


Why would I choose Liberro?


The answer is simple. Liberro e-cigarettes are dedicated to quality and have the passion for it. This can be seen and experienced in their products and customer service. Being one of the co-founders of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA) in the UK, you can be sure that you will get exceptional quality in your every purchase from Liberro.Liberro Discount Codes

Their customer service is amazing, from face-to-face transactions to online purchases. They have a caring, friendly, and approachable team ready to answer your questions and provide whatever assistance necessary. Questions, suggestions, and other feedback are also welcome through their site The website features a comprehensive list of products as well as information about e-cigarettes. You can find videos, testimonials, blogs, and frequently asked questions in the site. And what’s even greater is you can sign up for their newsletter and get the latest offers, updates, and news.


What products do Liberro offer?


A wide range of products can be found online from e-cigarettes, e-cigars, e-liquids, e-pipes, cartridges and tips, and other accessories. Every purchase rewards the customer with points which can later be used to save money on your next purchase. Points can be redeemed 24-hours after your purchase. The more products you buy, the more points you earn. The number of points that you can earn can be found on the product page of your selected product. As for the shipping and delivery, they ship worldwide. Free shipping is offered for orders that are over £35 within the UK and for orders over £100 within and outside the European Union.

For those who are keen on earning through Liberro e-cigarettes, you can join their affiliate program or become a distributor or a retailer. The instructions on how to proceed can be found in So if you’re interested, visit the site, contact their customer service, learn more, and start earning.


What about Liberro ecigarettes?


E-cigarettes offer you a different kind of smoking experience, one which does not include the toxic chemicals found in a traditional tobacco cigarette. It’s a healthier, cheaper, and more convenient alternative to smoking. There’s no smoke, no tar, no tobacco, no ash, no mess, and no offending smell. You can legally smoke them anywhere. And with no butts to put off, you won’t have to worry about e-cigarettes starting a fire. The rewards are great, the benefits are as well. And compared to tobacco cigarettes, you can actually save more once you switch to e-cigarettes. This alternative benefits not only your body, your wallet, and your environment, but primarily yourself.

The decision is yours really, on which company you decide to choose on.


Would we recommend Liberro?

No, because as we say, there are far better alternatives, and better value for money and with better flavours.


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Comments (6)

To be fair when I first started using ecigs Liberro were one of the better ones (the smaller type) as their cigs produce a fair bit of vapour.

It was surprising how much vapour could be gained from something so small.

The downside is that their batteries are pretty useless in my experience. They used to last me about an hour.

I could not put up with costntly having to charge them or buy more batteries as spares, so I switched to another company and brand mother than Liberro. Not bad to start with but you will soon tire of having to keep buying spares and charging all the time. They don’t really have any discounts that I found, but I didn’t care about that if the products lasted, which unfortunately, for me anyway, they didn’t.

I still have the liberro kit sat in a cupboard somewhere, but wont use it again.

Pauline – Liverpool

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Pauline,

Thank you for your comments on the Liberro Electronic cigarette. We appreciate you taking the time to give us an honest review of your experiences with them.



My wife and I started using ecigs a few months ago and the liberro ones were fine to start with, and not bad discounts on the products.

The flavours and stuff is quite expensive we found, and when we looked around at what was available elsewhere we quickly changed because there was more choice, and options especially on batteries and flavours, but Liberro ecigs were ok to start with, but you will probably move on to others if you are serious.


Liberro are not that bad to be fair. But the battery life is not as great as it maybe should be. For example if you were to try VGO type batteries that last all day with other brands you quickly see how having to charge batteries every couple of hours gets really grating after a while.

price wise, it’s not a bad option the Vapestick. when it comes to my overall experience, i have to say it’s just alright and im not much really into it. im like, i use it but i feel like theres more to it that it could give me especially with the flavor.

I’ll rate Liberro 5 out of 10 with 10 as the highest. i found it hard to figure it out at first coz im not usually a techy kind of dude. when i figured, it wasn’t that bad but it’s not so much good either. i still crave for the usual cigarette of course. hopefully soon ill be able to quit it.

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