Lifetime.Hosting Review

Lifetime.Hosting is a brand new web hosting platform sold by Richard Madison that claims to provide all of your internet hosting needs for a one off payment.

What does the product offer?

I have to be completely honest and say that on paper, what Lifetime.Hosting is offering is a fantastic deal. Richard Madison says that by buying Lifetime.Hosting you will never have to pay for hosting for another website, ever again.

As well as website hosting, Lifetime.Hosting allows you access to a number of features that you would expect from any given webhosting platform.

These include a control panel which Richard Madison says will help you to review your websites back end, unlimited email accounts (each restricted to 500MB) as well as forwarders and auto responders and a number of tools to help you to install applications such as WordPress in one go.

Lifetime.Hosting also comes with a website builder and full support so you can technically get started “out of the box”.

Interestingly enough, Richard Madison also packages a number of things that aren’t necessarily related to website hosting with Lifetime.Hosting such as stock photos and lifetime domain registrations (albeit with vert tight restrictions). Also included are a number of free bonus products that are aimed at internet marketing.

How does the product work?

Lifetime.Hosting is a pretty standard, lower end web hosting solution. The specs for the servers aren’t too shabby however they aren’t fantastic either.

There are also some pretty significant restrictions in the amount of storage space that you are allowed as well which mean that Lifetime.Hosting is only really suited to basic WordPress sites and certainly wouldn’t do for anything too intensive.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing there are three options for Lifetime.Hosting which are a bronze package (250 MB of storage space for one website) for $19.95, a silver package (which offers 4 GB of storage space for 4 websites) and a platinum package (which allows 12 websites with 12 GB of storage for 12 websites) which sells for $87.

All of these options come with a full 30 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

Given that Lifetime.Hosting is a storage solution and not a direct money making product, the focus of the sales material is on how much you can expect to save rather than how much you can earn.

In this regard, Richard Madison compares the price of Lifetime.Hosting to paying $9.97 per month for hosting.


From what I have seen, Lifetime.Hosting doesn’t seem to be a terrible thing however there are so many restrictions in terms of what you can do, it will only work for a certain niche audience.

If you are looking to launch light weight websites frequently and are constantly swapping and changing them (for example if you are an affiliate marketer), then there is definitely some value to be had from Lifetime.Hosting.

Otherwise, this is just too restrictive a service for any web user who actually wants to build a sustainable website.


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From: Simon Roberts