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Lifetime Stock Video is a new product from Richard Madison that claims to offer a comprehensive stock video package that will cover all of your video marketing needs. This is applies doubly so when you apply the key feature which is that the videos are 4K.

What does the product offer?

It isn’t very often that I find myself particularly interested by products such as Lifetime Stock Video. This is mostly because they have very little to offer that isn’t available elsewhere for free. In this case however, I can’t help but feel that Richard Madison has found something of a niche that massively improves the appeal of Lifetime Stock Video for marketers and that is mostly because to a large degree, it helps to futureproof Lifetime Stock Video. That niche is 4K stock video.

In terms of what you are actually getting with Lifetime Stock Video, this is a surprisingly well put together package. There are plenty of different videos included with Lifetime Stock Video, all in a variety of different niches themselves. What this means as a consumer is that no matter what you are selling, chances are that there will be something amongst the videos for you.

All of this sounds pretty reasonable so far, but in order to really see where the value lies in Lifetime Stock Video, you have to look at the numbers which are involved. When you sign up to Lifetime Stock Video, there are 250 footage based 4K videos. There are also 250 4K video backgrounds. There are also 500 HD video backgrounds as well. Naturally I haven’t watched all of the videos, however the ones that I have looked at have all been reasonable enough, both in terms of content and quality.

On top of the videos that you get when you sign up for Lifetime Stock Video, there are to be an additional 75 videos per month released according to Richard Madison. This means that over the 24 month lifecycle of Lifetime Stock Video, you can expect to see an additional 1,800 4K videos. Frankly, that is a lot of content by almost any standard and it is a big part of the appeal of Lifetime Stock Video. The videos can also all be scaled down if you require this.

One of the other appealing factors lies in how the content is organised. I have bought products like Lifetime Stock Video before in order to lazily obtain some video footage that I have needed. I think that most people involved with internet marketing would agree that they have done something similar. When I have purchased bulk stock video/images however, the organisation is usually subpar. In fact, it is not uncommon to have a dump of 250 files simply labelled VID_001 – VID_250.

Richard Madison has all of the videos categorised, tagged and hosted online. This means that you can easily browse and search the videos based around your chosen keywords. You can also preview them online too,

Finally there are a massive number of bonus products included with Lifetime Stock Video. These vary from video editing tutorials to video marketing through YouTube. There are also additional HD background videos, royalty free music and designer/developer rights for the videos that come with Lifetime Stock Video. This means that if you create video content for others, you can use the videos included with Lifetime Stock Video without any risk of repercussion.

How does the product work?

There are two key things at play with Lifetime Stock Video. The first is opening up the door to video marketing. I would imagine that most marketers in this day and age are using video at some point in their sales funnel, For those who aren’t currently taking advantage, video marketing opens up a lot of doors in terms of customer engagement. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that people are more likely to buy a product that has video content, however I should stress that this should relate to what you are selling.

The other thing that is at play is 4K videos. I am aware that not everybody is particularly technologically minded so I will avoid going into the complications of what 4K is. What I can say however is that watching a video in 4K is like going back and watching a DVD after VHS.

At the moment, 4K video isn’t too big a thing and I feel it might be a few years before it hits full swing. Once it does however, people will come to view this kind of footage in the same way as they do HD these days, that is to say, an essential part of the viewing experience for any video content. In allowing you to set your videos up with this option now, Lifetime Stock Video is giving you a bit of an advantage for the immediate future as this technology becomes more and more commonplace.

Moving away from technological speculation for now, Richard Madison claims that even now, video content which can be displayed in 4K is being prioritised by YouTube when searching. Whilst I wouldn’t like to say whether this is true or not (his evidence is somewhat sketchy), I can entirely believe that Google would take this road.

What is the initial investment?

The cost of Lifetime Stock Video can be seen as either a bit of a bargain n or rather expensive depending on how often you use video marketing. A monthly subscription will cost you $37 per month which I feel definitely leans towards the expensive side. That having been said, it is still less than buying most 4K stock video footage. There is also a supposedly limited time offer which means that you can sign up to Lifetime Stock Video for a one time cost of $67.

Both options provide the same thing, including future updates on all of the monthly videos. Perhaps most importantly Lifetime Stock Video also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee (although Richard Madison doesn’t mention this anywhere). It is worth pointing out however that as the product is sold through JVZoo, you will have to deal directly with the vendor in order to claim this.

What is the rate of return?

The income potential for Lifetime Stock Video is something of a curiosity for me as technically, there isn’t any. Put simply, Richard Madison’s product is not a direct money making product and that is that. One could easily turn to the claims about how much you can save using Lifetime Stock Video compared to other stock video providers. After all, using Lifetime Stock Video can supposedly save you tens of thousands of dollars when compared to more traditional routes.

I am not sold on this however. I also feel that whilst the studies quoted claiming sales increases of 50%+ are not entirely beyond the realms of possibility, these numbers are more likely to apply to the minority than the majority. All of that having been said, I can reasonably surmise that there will be some increase in sales for the amount that you win back


Lifetime Stock Video is rather difficult to write up in so much as I have some rather conflicting opinions. The first thing to be asked is straight forward. Is there value for money to be had here? The short answer to this as far as I am concerned is probably. Which is of course a really naff answer for those of you who are looking for a straightforward yes or no. I do however want to qualify answer and explain how I have reached this most frustrating of answers.

There is a lot on offer for the money and that certainly ensures that there is some value for money to be had to some degree. Even being slightly less cynical about things, there are some genuinely interesting and engaging videos, especially if you are in a niche. Furthermore, it is very difficult to argue in terms of the quality. 4K video looks fantastic and the content is generally of a decent quality.

But, and this is a pretty big but, I feel like Richard Madison does a very good job of overselling the benefits. I have already said that I can’t argue with the fact that video marketing will do a better job of encouraging people to purchase your products. Obviously, the better the quality video, this effect is enhanced, and 4K is currently about the best quality on the marketplace.

This brings me to the problem with using 4K as your main selling point. At the time of writing, 4K is something of a gimmick and as such, not everybody has access to the technology. What this means is that when you buy into Lifetime Stock Video, you are paying for something that only a minute fraction of your audience will actually get any real benefit from, and they are unlikely to be swayed that much by the fact that your video background is incredibly high definition.

If you were to ask me if Lifetime Stock Video is a good product today, as is, with the market what it is. The answer would probably be no. If you are looking to the future however, then Lifetime Stock Video becomes a much bigger opportunity. Not only are you getting more videos as the quantity of content becomes available, but as 4K technology spreads, you will be at the forefront as an internet marketer. If you opt for the resell license as well, then you can also create content for others as interest in this brand of video expands.

Looking to this future, Lifetime Stock Video seems like a relative bargain and that is ultimately where my answer of probably comes into play. 4K technology is not going anywhere, both in terms of PC and mobile platforms and also in terms of video streaming capabilities. I feel like this is very similar to the path that HD video took in terms of online use. With this in mind, 4K is something that I think should probably be embraced sooner rather than later.

As there is increased demand, I can see more and more people looking to make a quick buck out of products for this type of video and the costs will more likely than not increase. By getting in early, you are receiving content that can be used now in the form of HD videos and also futureproofed to some degree by having 4K stock videos. All of this at a price that per video works out very reasonable (at least if you opt for the one time cost).



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