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Ligue One Profits is a new to market football betting tipster service which is operated by Pierre Moreau. As the name of the service suggests, everything is based around betting on French football.

Introduction to Ligue One Profits

Since Paris Saint Germaine were taken over by Qatar Sports Investment, the French League has come on in leaps and bounds to the point where it is really moving up there with Europe’s elites. And with this prestige inevitably comes more money. And it is with all of that in mind that I’m actually quite surprised that I haven’t seen a tipster service that looks exclusively at the French Ligue 1 yet. However, that has all changed with the subject of today’s review.

Welcome to Ligue One Profits. A tipster service that is arguably amongst the more unique things that I have looked at this year, with the notable exception of Belarusian league tipsters during lockdown. But there were a lot of them, whereas I’m yet to see anything else that focuses exclusively on French football. And it is suggested that Pierre Moreau is the perfect person to deliver those selections with a claimed pedigree that supposedly includes being banned by two different French bookmakers.

Honestly, all of this makes Ligue One Profits a very interesting proposition indeed. In fact, I would say that if Pierre Moreau can actually deliver on his claims, then this has the potential to be a bit of a “must have” for anybody who is building a betting portfolio. The fact of the matter is that this kind of niche product can go a very long way to nicely expanding your betting opportunities. But all of that is ultimately dependent on whether or not this can actually deliver, so, let’s get down to it, and find out.  

What Does Ligue One Profits Offer?

I wasn’t really sure what to expect coming into Ligue One Profits, if I’m completely honest. I know that French teams have become a much bigger threat on the continent (although PSG still can’t get down beating Manchester United!). For context, there are four teams across the Champions League and the Europa League. But when it comes to betting, this has always been a bit of an unknown with only the occasional tipsters dipping their toe in the waters.

And the way that Pierre Moreau talks about betting on French football, you’d think that this would be for a good reason. But the reality is that Ligue One Profits is a pretty straight forward affair really. Especially when you look at the logistical elements of the service (which is where I am going to start).

As you would probably expect, selections are sent out directly to subscribers via email. And, as is the case with most football tipster services that I have looked at from numerous European leagues, the focus lies on weekend betting. In actual fact, Pierre Moreau exclusively provides his tips for this period. Something that I have no real problem with, if I’m honest.

In terms of the content of those emails, it actually isn’t terrible. Pierre Moreau does include some advice about what kind of odds you should be looking out for which is welcome. It certainly puts Ligue One Profits a cut above some of the other tipster services that I look at. So that really is something, but the topic of odds is a bit of a touchy one in my opinion.

You see, most of the odds that Pierre Moreau recommends come in at very close to or less than evens. Inherently, that isn’t necessarily a problem. It is just a well documented part of betting on football. However, for me, it also highlights the importance of maximising the odds that you can get. As such, I would definitely recommend using an odds comparison site.

For some context on how much this matters, in a game with a very clear favourite, you can gain an extra 0.1 points using the right bookie. That doesn’t sound much, but when you’re dealing with narrow margins, it’s an extra 25% on your return. Over a season, that adds up.

Moving on from those odds, I want to talk about the bets. Each week, Pierre Moreau provides just 5 selections to subscribers, which isn’t a lot. And all of these are simply backing a team to win, hence the short odds. But what you also receive is a multi bet as well. Typically speaking, this appears to be a double. This is where Ligue One Profits really makes the money with much higher odds available. Of course, when those bets win, they also boost your profit quite significantly.

With all of that out of the way, I believe that there are two things left to discuss. Firstly, there is the staking plan. Pierre Moreau appears to recommend level stakes of £20 per bet (well, Euros, according to him, even though the limited evidence is in pounds). This is a very important factor to consider when you are looking at the results.

The other thing to consider is the strike rate involved. Something that I believe is purposefully erroneously published. At the top of the sales material for Ligue One Profits, Pierre Moreau talks about a “brilliant 83.33% strike rate”. Elsewhere in the sales material, a reference is made to a 100% strike rate. Both of these numbers are however based solely off individual weeks. There is no wider context provided for what you can expect, and that concerns me.   

How Does Ligue One Profits Work?

Whilst I believe that there are some clear efforts to misrepresent information in the sales material for Ligue One Profits, it isn’t nearly as frustrating as trying to find insight into the selection process. Here, Pierre Moreau seems to go out of his way to obfuscate information. Really, all that we are treated to is a claim that Ligue 1 is referred to as “the ‘Fishy French Ligue 1’” because of some shock midtable results.

That then leads to a claim that you can exploit these shock results to make profit from “unusual results and huge odds”. That is about all the insight that you get. Now of course, that doesn’t actually tell you anything about Pierre Moreau’s selection process for Ligue One Profits, which is frustrating. More than that though, it simply isn’t reflected in the bets that I have seen.

Firstly, I haven’t seen a single bet from Pierre Moreau that I would consider to be against the well established flow of things. Furthermore, as is well established by the limited evidence provided for Ligue One Profits, you certainly aren’t getting huge odds. Even the smaller accas aren’t exactly massive.

And of course the real worry here is that you are just taking Pierre Moreau’s word on his claimed results. There are just two weeks of betting information provided. That is a bloody long way from comprehensive and it certainly doesn’t count as anything close to proofing. That concerns me greatly, especially because of the fact that there have been clear attempts in the copy for Ligue One Profits to misrepresent what these weeks mean.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to Ligue One Profits, there are 3 different options available. The cheapest of these is a quarterly subscription which is priced at £14.95 (plus VAT). That really isn’t a lot of money. Alternatively, you can sign up for a full season for just £32.95 (again, plus VAT). That works out at about 9 months of selections. The best value comes from a lifetime subscription which costs just £64.95 (plus VAT), although that is of course also the highest outlay.

What is noteworthy however is that Ligue One Profits doesn’t come with any money back guarantee or refund period. Whilst the relatively low price might not necessarily make this a deal breaker, it is something that is definitely worth pointing out in my book. Especially considering the broader concerns here.  

What is the Rate of Return?

Last season, Pierre Moreau claims that he made €13,080 from Ligue 1 betting before Covid brought the season to a halt. That’s a hell of a lot of money. Especially when you factor in that these numbers are seemingly based off the back of those €/£20 stakes that I have already mentioned. In fact, that would make for a points profit of 654 points. A ridiculous number, especially given the lack of trustworthy proofing.

Even blindly trusting that the week with a 100% strike rate won €218.36, that is still a lot of money to make up. Using that figure of €13,080, you’d need 60 weeks at €218 just to see that number as a return. But let’s not forget, Pierre Moreau says that the €13,080 is profit. Meanwhile, that perfect week was just the returns.

Conclusion for Ligue One Profits

Honestly, I wanted to come into Ligue One Profits and see a decent quality tipster service. Even a small profit would more than justify the costs involved. And with Pierre Moreau operating in such a niche market, it really would be a perfect addition to any betting portfolio. What’s a fiver a month for 20 tips in a football league that more likely than not, you wouldn’t really look at?

Unfortunately, all that I believe has happened here is more and more questions have been raised, and every time you start to break one of the claims for Ligue One Profits down, it exposes massive holes in the claims made. That is a very concerning start to things.

So, what exactly is so questionable about all this? Well, where do you even start?! First things first, for me, the attempt to portray those high strike rates really stood out as a bit iffy. Taking a week at 83.33% and another at 100% and simply presenting them as the norm is just… Well, it’s not good practice. It isn’t even like Pierre Moreau can say that he doesn’t have prior results, because he makes direct reference to them.

Which brings me to a lack of evidence. Given that that the records clearly exist, why isn’t there past proofing provided? That seems like a pretty basic thing to miss out considering Pierre Moreau apparently has it. And building on that, there is the woeful attempt to explain the premise of Ligue One Profits being based on high odds. Something that even the tiny amount of evidence provided cannot demonstrate. It’s not great when cherry picked results can’t even back up your core premise.

And this obfuscation of information is apparent all the way through Ligue One Profits. Make up to €2,242 earnings in just 4 weekends we’re told. How?! Because not a single thing I’ve seen suggests that is possible unless you’re staking at least €50 on each bet. A number that is nowhere in the betting slips that Pierre Moreau provides, or in his general talk about the service.

It’s just… It’s a hot mess, if I’m honest. There is so much that is at best described as sloppy. Even down to Pierre Moreau saying that he didn’t win a bet because the game was abandoned. But a double that included that game scored a win. I don’t know of any bookies that would honour this bet, but I’d sure like to know who did, because I’ll be using them all the time. Presuming of course that it isn’t just an oversight from bad marketing…

As I’m writing this, I’ve been away and I’ve tried numerous times to reconcile these mistakes, try and add up the things that don’t, and just generally do something to give Pierre Moreau the benefit of the doubt. But I just can’t find a reason to.

The fact of the matter is that without a lot more evidence and explanation, Ligue One Profits is one of the more questionable tipster services that I have looked at recently. Hell, even those really dodgy Clickbank tipsters are generally able to make their numbers add up. Now, if Pierre Moreau were to step forward and provide genuine evidence of his abilities, I’d love nothing more than to recommend this.

Don’t forget, I actually wanted Ligue One Profits to be a success. Because I think it is an unexplored niche that probably does carry some potential to top up your monthly winnings. But as it stands, this is a product that I just can’t bring myself to recommend. Based off everything that I’ve seen, the best case scenario is that you get a few obvious winners that you could have picked yourself. And even at an equivalent cost of £5 per month, I can’t recommend spending that on it.


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