Linked Leads Review

Linked Leads is a new product from Greig Wells that shows users how to utilise LinkedIn as a platform for marketing your products and affiliate products.

What does the product offer?

The headline for Linked Leads claims that the software will help you to build high quality targeted lead lists, supposedly on autopilot. I find it interesting that Greig Wells refers to Linked Leads as software as the majority of the content that I have seen seems to be training. The training itself is a combination of teaching you the methods needed in order to leverage LinkedIn as a marketing platform, the other aspect teaches you about using the software.

The sales material for Linked Leads gives you some insight into what Greig Wells teaches including things like “The 3 word sentence you must put in your LinkedIn profile”, how to include call to actions and so on.

The software side of things didn’t leave me feeling particularly overwhelmed and is little mre than an extension for Chrome/Firefox. In fact, I would be inclined to say that much of what Linked Leads does for you simply relieves some of the work rather than genuinely automating things.

How does the product work?

Greig Wells suggests that people on LinkedIn are simply queuing up to buy what you market to them, it is simply a case of knowing how. This will most likely include selling to certain types of people and ultimately, using these to build your own mailing list.

It is interesting that this isn’t something that is really mentioned in the sales material as the end goal of Linked Leads is to start selling products once you have built your list.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing, Greig Wells is selling Linked Leads for a one time cost of $17. He does make reference to this being a limited time offer however whether this is the case will remain to be seen.

There is no mention of any money back guarantee with Linked Leads which I find to be rather worrying, however this isn’t the be all and end all.

What is the rate of return?

I find it rather interesting that there is no claim made in terms of how much you can expect to make through Linked Leads. Instead, we are treated to solitary screenshot showing a mailing list of 118,340 users (although I find it interesting to note that there are only 3 new contacts and a seeming 4 or 5 figure number of removed contacts).


Linked Leads may well be pretty inexpensive and there are some merits to marketing through LinkedIn, however I feel that Greig Wells massively oversells this.

There is very little evidence provided that Linked Leads works as advertised as well and what little evidence there is suggests that the results will ultimately be underwhelming. The thing is I also feel that there are natural limits in terms of what you can expect to get out of LinkedIn. I don’t feel that Linked Leads is all bad however.

I can see that there is some merit to the methods and at $17, you aren’t going to break the bank. Realistically though I see Linked Leads as an addition to your current methods of list building rather than a standalone sales method.



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From: Simon Roberts