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LinkedInfluence Review

LinkedInfluence is a product that shows users how to successfully run marketing campaigns on LinkedIn. It has been created by Lewis Howes.

What does the product offer?

LinkedInfluence offers users a comprehensive guide to launching an advertising campaign on LinkedIn using a variety of methods. Further to this, Lewis Howes also shows users how they can successfully become recognised as experts in their field. LinkedInfluence is broken down into 4 modules: Laying the Foundation, Growing Your Audience, The Next Level and finally Building your Company. LinkedInfluence also comes with 2 e-books, a section on LinkedIn ads and as a bonus, Sean Malarkey’s Twixplode (leveraging Twitter for your business).

How does the product work?

Lewis Howes is allegedly an expert on LinkedIn marketing and has previously published 2 books on using the platform. By drawing on this substantial knowledge, LinkedInfluence shows users ways of getting free advertising, building lists through groups and utilising advanced marketing options to ensure that your products are being marketed to the right people.

What is the initial investment?

LinkedInfluence sells for a one time cost of $97. Because it is sold through Clickbank, there is also a 60 day money back guarantee should you be unhappy with any aspect of LinkedInfluence.

What is the rate of return?

There are no real claims about how much you can earn by utilising the training in LinkedInfluence, however the fact that it is a training course says to me that results should be anticipated as qualitative rather than quantitative.


LinkedInfluence clearly takes advantage of a market that so far hasn’t had too much exposure, something that for marketers in the right niche will only benefit them (namely those who are selling business related products). Aside from traditional marketing etc. I also like that Lewis Howes shows you how you can increase your standing in your chosen area. Whilst I would have liked to have seen more figures surrounding how LinkedInfluence can increase sales volumes, conversion and the like. That small factor aside, LinkedInfluence looks like a solid product and I can definitely see how there is potential to use this to grow your business.



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From: Simon Roberts