L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro Review

L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro is a long standing sports betting tipster service which is based out of Italy. Despite the language barrier, there is some strong potential to the service that may warrant the additional effort.

Introduction to L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro

I don’t believe that in all the time I’ve been doing this, I’ve ever had to conduct a review with a translator open. I won’t lie, it adds an… interesting element, shall we say, to the workflow side of things. But sometimes this effort can be worth it. You see, betting is a truly global industry. I have looked at tipsters from all over the world, but these services have almost exclusively been in English. Today’s subject is by an Italian, for the Italian markets.

But that doesn’t mean that it can’t translate well (pun not intended). And with the results that are claimed for L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro… Well, it can potentially do very well through British bookmakers as well. Something that is more than backed up by the number of winning bet slips that have been placed through British bookies. Combine that with the fact that I have seen a lot of people talking about this, and it is rather outstanding compared to most things on the market.

So far, so good, right? Well, whilst there are undoubtedly some strong elements to L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro, there are just one or two things that strike me as being a little bit peculiar. Are they necessarily deal breakers? Well, that all depends on how much risk you are willing to take on. So, let’s jump into L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro and see if it is worth the time and effort involved.

What Does L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro Offer?

I want to open this review by talking about something that is probably quite obvious. I don’t speak Italian. I don’t speak it fluently, conversationally, or even basically. As such, it probably seems like a bad choice reviewing this. And honestly, that may well be the case. But I do have Google Translate (oh what a world we live in) and a decent understanding of betting.  

Now as a service, there are a few different elements to L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro. At the core of everything, this is a tipster service. And as such, that will definitely be the focus of this review. However, the service is also slightly more nuanced than this with a few additional features that warrant some discussion.

As a tipster service, L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro is rather interesting compared to most of the UK based tipsters that I typically look at. For example, one of the things that immediately stands out is the logistical elements. You see, where most tipsters will simply send out tips via email, this instead uses the Telegram app.

This isn’t necessarily something that is unique as far as tipster services go, but it isn’t common either. What it does do though, is open up different ways of operating a service. Whether or not they are better is a pretty subjective thing. But in using this app, L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro allows you to receive selections through the day. And naturally, this brings with it certain benefits.

The translation according to Google for what L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro offers are “Wrong quotas sent every week by email and signals in the telegram group!”. This doesn’t make sense until you realise that quotas here means bets and/or odds (this seems to be somewhat interchangeable), with the latter being a very important element of how L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro works.

In terms of the bets, honestly, there isn’t much here that you won’t have seen before. It just comes with new terminology. You will typically be looking at football and basketball based off the somewhat limited evidence that I have seen (something that is entirely down to L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro rather than my lack of effort).

One of the things that is really interesting here are the odds involved. I will talk about this a little later on, but this is very much an odds based service. But it isn’t about getting big odds. It is about getting odds that represent value.

This means that one of the things that you really do need to be keeping in mind if you are following L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro is that you have to be in a position to place bets ASAP. Because it does actually look like the odds can drop rather quickly.

And outside of a strike rate which is seemingly none existent, that pretty much wraps up the tipster element of L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro. Unfortunately, there isn’t even any real proofing. As such, it makes it very difficult to figure out any more than this, which honestly, is a bit of a shame.

With all of that out of the way, there are still two things that remain to be discussed though. Firstly, there is the “Investitore Sportivo Team PRO Master School”, or Investor Team PRO Master School. This is a series of video lessons that teach you how to be a professional bettor. Unfortunately (although also very reasonably), it is in Italian. This means that it isn’t really viable to use if you aren’t fluent.

Whilst this is definitely shame, having tried to follow and understand some of this, it doesn’t’ look to be much more than relatively basic betting advice. Realistically, you can find this elsewhere for free, and in English, so it isn’t any significant loss.

The final element that I want to talk about with L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro is a bit left field really. You see, the creators of the service strongly encourage users to take advantage of an affiliated link. For those who aren’t familiar with Clickbank, as well as being a payment platform, they also allow their vendors to pay people a percentage for selling a product.

There is a whole online industry based around exploiting this, and that is something that I don’t really want to get into here. But it is rather unique for a tipster service to be directly encouraging members to take this approach, ultimately adding something of an MLM flair (multi level marketing).

How Does L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro Work?

In terms of how L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro works, there are a few bits of information available. Within the sales material, the clear focus is on getting value out of odds. There is reference to subscribers being able to “find all the odds quickly and at high altitudes (Google Translate isn’t always perfect).

We are also told that “Unlike other characters who give you advice without logic, we are the only ones in Italy to be specialized in finding ” wrong odds “”. Again, the intent here is clear. The intent is to take advantage of bets that have been undervalued by bookies. It’s a solid approach.

Unfortunately, what we aren’t told anything about is how these bets are identified. There is no semblance of a selection process for L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro outside of a claim that the team behind the service are “former quoters of the most important bookmakers”. Quite how much faith you can have in that kind of statement is a personal one, but the fact that it is in Italian doesn’t change that there is no real evidence backing this up in my opinion.

Honestly, it isn’t even like there is any proofing or anything provided that may look to allay this lack of evidence. The closest that we really get to his is a list of claimed results for the service going back a bit under a year. As such, everything involves taking the word of the vendor.

What is the Initial Investment?

Now we come to the question of pricing. And honestly, this is an area where L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro arguably falls flat the most. You see, the cost of the service is €69 per month. Plus VAT. Here in the UK, that means that all in, you are paying out £79.50 per month. That is a massive amount of money no matter how you want to dress it up.

Fortunately, L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro does come with a full 60 day money back guarantee should you find that the service isn’t for you. This is backed up by Clickbank who tend to be pretty good (so long as you aren’t a serial refunder). Rather disappointingly though, this isn’t mentioned anywhere n the sales material for the service.

What is the Rate of Return?

The sales material for L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro lays claim to making “an additional income of 100/200 / 1.000 / 10.000 € per month!”. This is somewhat backed up by few winning betting slips which show between €500 and €1,000 returns on bets. Unfortunately, these are based off €500 stakes. Far more than most punters will look to bet.

The bit that stands out to me though is the claim that for 50% of the months since between August and May, L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro has had an ROI that is in excess of 100% (peaking at 165%). Even on the months that haven’t bettered this number have a minimum ROI of 20%. What is noteworthy though is that these claims do end for May. There is no updated numbers since the service launched.

Conclusion for L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro

It is rather interesting to me that ultimately, the core concept of L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro is value. Because in reviewing the service, that is ultimately wherein the biggest questions lie. Make no mistake, on the surface of things, this looks like an incredible offering. But I really do have a few little niggling doubts that really put me off here.

First of all, let’s talk about some of the things that are missing. Namely, the results. When I look at those ROI’s there are a few things that come to mind. Firstly, are they even close to genuine? Ultimately, you are just taking the word of the team that operate L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro that they have attained these results.

Secondly, if those results actually are genuine, how attainable will they be for most people? It is quite clear to me that (from what I have seen) there is a genuine attempt to find value. And a number of bets have shortened their odds as a game has got closer to starting. What this means though is that the team behind L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro will always get the best odds, which will boost their results.

Moving on from this, let’s talk about the pricing. Seemingly, L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro is a bargain. We are told that the actual value of the selections are €200 per month whilst the video lessons are worth €600. As such, getting these for “just” £79.50 per month is a bargain, surely?

The only problem that I have with this is that I don’t believe those values if I’m honest. Maybe there is a cultural difference in terms of what is charged for a tipster service, but in the UK I’ll very rarely recommend you look at a tipster that costs more than £50 per month. I mean, what you’re being asked for one month of L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro is only marginally less than the complete cost of some of the best betting systems I’ve seen.

And it is because that that I find myself really doubting the value of the service. You are paying a hell of a lot of money for just one tipster service that, aside from the points I have already raised, comes with a number of other problems.

Consider that lack of proofing, consider the lack of insight into how the value is found, consider the lack of evidence backing up… Well, pretty much any of it. It’s all just a bit off to me. Especially when you also factor in that one of the key components of the service is trying to get others signed up. And when/if those people do sign up, they aren’t told about their right to a refund.

Honestly, the hype that I have seen around L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro really forced me to look into this. It isn’t something I would normally do because of the language barrier. Unfortunately, what I have seen here just doesn’t deliver nearly enough. Maybe there aren’t as many tipsters in Italy, but for what is being asked for the price of this, you could build a decent little portfolio here in the UK.

So, the bottom line of L’Investitores Sportivo Team Pro is this. It is far too expensive. There is also very limited evidence backing up those income claims. Now, if the team behind the service were to provide some comprehensive proofing etc. then this may be a slightly different outcome. But the fact is that there are proven products on the market for less money. And with that in mind, why would you want this?


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