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List Smasher X Review

List Smasher X from Rob Stafford is a product designed to help new marketers rapidly establish a mailing list.

What does the product offer?

List Smasher X is a blueprint type product which provides a step by step plan for building a successful list as quickly as possible. Rob Stafford will talk you through creating opt in offers, an allegedly high converting squeeze page and generating that old staple of laser targeted traffic. What List Smasher X provides that I find most interesting is advice on how to interact with your list so that you can build a strong relationship with your subscribers.

How does the product work?

List Smasher X draws heavily on Rob Stafford’s knowledge, something that he makes no attempt to hide or cover. Rob Stafford doesn’t claim to be a guru, but instead claims that List Smasher X is fundamentally the same methods that he employs himself. Once you have you followed the List Smasher X you can then start marketing other products to your list with a view to generating a revenue stream.

What is the initial investment?

List Smasher X is on a dime sale so the cost is slowly creeping up but at the time of writing you can get it for $9.60 although there are only 3 copies available at this price. Rob Stafford also provides a 60 day money back guarantee should you be unhappy with List Smasher X.

What is the rate of return?

Rob Stafford says that he makes around $200-$500 per week using the same methods that he teaches in List Smasher X. This is a believable amount and I don’t see any real reason not to believe this although complete newbies will likely find themselves earning significantly less than this.


All things considered List Smasher X is a very attractive package. It is well priced and the information that Rob Stafford offers seems to be practical and relevant, something that seems to be increasingly rare if I’m honest. If you are experienced in list building this is obviously not for you but if you’re struggling or new to internet marketing List Smasher X is a pretty good jump off point.



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From: Simon Roberts