Lockdown Wins Review

Lockdown Wins is a new to market horse racing betting system which is operated by an unnamed author. Their claim is that using their advice, you can create a substantial income through the sport.

Introduction to Lockdown Wins

There are definitely a lot of different betting products that I have looked at in my time that are questionable. Something of a vague term, but one that definitely has its place. Now, when I typically talk about a service being questionable, it is because it makes (what I believe to be) unsubstantiated claims, numbers don’t seem to add up, or there are a series of highly unlikely events consistently happen to come together in a way that isn’t in line with what the odds imply. Today though, I want to talk about questionable taste.

Lockdown Wins is a service that very openly markets itself towards people who are losing money or have lost work as a result of Covid-19. I really don’t feel like it is unreasonable to say that this is a (at the very least) somewhat questionable marketing approach. Especially when you factor in that whoever is behind this is making some very substantial claims about the income potential as well. For some context on this (and I will be talking in more detail about it below), they claim to be making many times more than they did as restaurant manger in New York.

All of this is somewhat concerning in multiple ways. None the less, I will try to keep an open mind here. After all, whoever is behind this is supposedly a bettor. Not an internet marketer. As such, they may not have considered some of the potential implications of what they have to say about Lockdown Wins. They could well just be sharing their story after all. So, let’s get straight into it and see what’s what.  

What Does Lockdown Wins Offer?

There is a lot of ground to cover with Lockdown Wins. I often say this when a service has a lot to offer, and this definitely stands true here. But there are also other elements to consider with this that perhaps I wouldn’t normally have to look at. All of this makes it rather difficult to know quite where to start, because really, this is a very multifaceted product.

At its core, if I’m really honest, I see this as a betting system. There is also a tipster element involved, but the fact that it is referred to as a system multiple times in the sales material tells me this is where the focus is. But I will also be talking about the fact that Lockdown Wins is also a tipster service as well.

Now, even looking at Lockdown Wins purely from the perspective of a betting system, there is a lot involved. So much so that one finds oneself questioning it all a little bit. I also want to offer my usual caveat to something like this.

Whilst I will be talking about the system, the fact of the matter is that it is still behind a paywall. As such, whilst I will say as much as I can, I don’t believe that it is necessarily fair to outright publish information here for free. Nonetheless, I will however freely offer my opinion based off what I’ve seen, even if I can’t reference it directly.

Now, the system itself is a bit of an oddity. In actual fact, it just seems to be a bit everywhere. You see, typically speaking, when you look at a decent betting system, there is a very clear structure to it. Not just in terms of the writing, but in terms of what the system sets out to do. For example, probably the best system I’ve looked at is a Betfair Scalping Trading Course. And everything in this directs towards the end goal of using scalping as a trading method.

Lockdown Wins doesn’t do this. Instead, the information alternates between vague and overly detailed explanations of things. Much of which ultimately seems to muddy the waters. Some of the information seems to contradict itself a bit, and other elements just seem to want to take on too much risk with a view to making short term gains. It lacks a lot of cohesiveness.

And I feel like you can see this in the sales material too. For example, look at some of the things that you will “learn” with Lockdown Wins.

  • How to pick the wining horse practically every race! (I don’t really agree with this statement at all).
  • How to mange your betting business for maximum profits
  • How to set goals for your betting
  • How to bet on horses like a pro

There are a few more in this vein, but here, you can see that Lockdown Wins is focused on horse racing. As you would expect. It also pivots into talking about how you can use the strategies for making money in “soccer betting, sports betting or even stock trading or Forex trading”. In my eyes, this really seems like a huge stretch.

All of this makes for a system that isn’t particularly easy to follow and, in my opinion, is rather flawed when you do get some kind of grasp on it. All of that is only compounded by the fact that it isn’t what I would consider to be high quality content.

As well as the betting system element of Lockdown Wins, we are also told that you receive betting recommendations from the person behind the system. These are of questionable value again though, and I don’t really believe that they add much here. It seems more like a way of justifying the price than anything else.

Realistically, I don’t see these producing long term profits, and from what I’ve seen, you are a long way off the eight out of ten winning horses that we are told it is possible to generate using Lockdown Wins. All of which is (not surprisingly to me) not exactly a glowing indicator of what you can expect using the system itself.

How Does Lockdown Wins Work?

As I’ve already mentioned, it is rather difficult to talk about what Lockdown Wins actually entails without being unreasonable. Even if it is a bad product, I appreciate that a vendor still should be able to sell their services. However, there is some insight that I think I can reasonably share here that should tell you a lot about what you are getting into, without giving much away.

Lockdown Wins is ultimately “based around numerology”. This is something that is stated in the numerous affiliate emails that I have received. For those of you who aren’t aware of what numerology is… Well, I’ll just quote Wikipedia here “Numerology is any belief in the divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events.”. Now, admittedly, Lockdown Wins doesn’t lean so heavily on the divine and mystical, but the principles are there.

As you might figure from this, there are… certain flaws, shall we say, with the approach here. The fact is that there isn’t really any significant influence from one number to another, and yet, it can be very easy to present this as factual. Hell, it isn’t defined as numerology, but when you boil it down, gamblers fallacy derives from the idea that outcomes before an event indicate the likelihood of it happening again.

This is all very interesting to me, because one of the big things that the person behind Lockdown Wins likes to talk about is their aptitude for numbers. So much so that it is referenced fully three times in line with making money. This includes a supposed statement that the “responsible” wife suggested using this “skill with numbers” to make money through betting, following a job loss).  

And that for me is a very big problem. Without getting bogged down in the details, when you can start bringing in the subject of gamblers fallacy to a conversation about a betting system… Well, it doesn’t bode well for the wider results. Something that I believe is quite clearly demonstrated by the lack of evidence provided.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to Lockdown Wins there is just one option available. This is a one time cost of £29.99 plus VAT. This, we are told, is a significant discount on the actual value of the service which should amount to some £149.99 plus VAT. A figure that we are to assume will be charged, but I am sceptical about this if I’m honest.

Something that is a positive here is that if you choose to buy Lockdown Wins, there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place. This is all backed up by Clickbank who are generally pretty good at honouring this, so long as you don’t frequently return products to them.

What is the Rate of Return?

Now we come to the part that is really interesting to me with Lockdown Wins. That is the income potential of the service. What is interesting to me is that with the exception of one screenshot of some winning bets (£810 using £50 stakes) , we aren’t really given any insight into how much money you can expect to earn. Instead, everything is rather vague, but the clear implication is that it is a lot.

You see, the one thing that we are told is that the guy behind Lockdown Wins is making “five times what I made a month in my last job!”. Given that this was as a restaurant manager in New York (as I’ve already mentioned), we can figure out what this means. Using an average base pay of $49,835 for this role (according to glassdoor), this would mean anywhere from around $16,500 per month to around $21,000 per month, depending on whether this includes tax. Either way, it is a ridiculous and unsubstantiated claim.

Conclusion for Lockdown Wins

When it comes to figuring out a betting product, there is often a lot to think about that isn’t necessarily just about the betting and numbers. If it was, everything would be taken at face value and frankly, I’d have probably led a lot of people to lose a lot of money. Which leads me to what is arguably the most important thing when looking at a service, and that is intent.

You see, I have looked at products that haven’t performed well, but have been operated by genuine people. And I can respect that they are out there and trying. Especially because, often times, their approach to betting has worked for them in the past. And so, their intent is to help others make some extra money. Sure, they get paid for it, but you only have to look at the number of bettors sharing tips and betting systems for free on forums etc. to understand this.

Another type of intent that I see all too often is a service that is designed to just be as primally appealing as possible. There are pictures of sports cars, tropical beaches, and massive houses. There is seemingly huge earning potential available.  And it almost always focuses around some vague notion of how the profit is made.

In the case of Lockdown Wins, it leans into another area, and this is where I find it to be particularly despicable. Look… There’s no denying that people are exploiting Covid-19 to make money. Despite the claim that Jeff Bezos lost $7 billion overnight because of Covid, the fact si that he has seen his net worth nearly double. That is off the back of people not wanting to go out etc. But at least there is a service that there is a genuine service being provided here.

The angle that the marketing for Lockdown Wins takes is that if you’ve lost your job or you’re struggling financially, then this is a way to make more than you ever were before Covid-19. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that if you are struggling financially, the worst thing you can do is throw yourself into a new betting system. Even something that genuinely will work long term will have losses when you are getting started.

But the thing is, I don’t believe that Lockdown Wins will work. It all seems to be a bit cobbled together, and that concerns me greatly. I certainly don’t believe that you’ll be winning 8 out of 10 bets with this method, or making $15,000 plus per month. That is bad enough if you’ve got money saved for a betting bank and you have that to one side, but if you’ve lost your job and you’re on the breadline… Well, it’s just a bit concerning.

Now, to be clear, I wouldn’t really recommend Lockdown Wins just because it is a bad product. I see nothing of value here, and whilst it isn’t expensive, investing not a lot of money in a bad product means that you’ve still invested money in a bad product. But really, the nature of the marketing is what really nails this shut for me.

There are genuine and legitimate ways of making money through betting. But to position yourself in such a way that you’re actively trying to appeal to people who are at rock bottom… That is just a highly questionable business practice. And so, as well as Lockdown Wins being a naff product, it is also one of the more unethical things I think I’ve recently seen. As such, this deserves a very wide berth.


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Signed up for this when it came out, not long ago, but after taking the money had absolutely no response in terms of product, replies to e mails(contact us?).
Went through a lengthy dispute but finally the money was returned, once again no response to emails.
These sc*ms crop up all the time so unless there is proofing leave well alone.

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