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Long Nose Racing Review

Long Nose Racing is a tipster service providing users with horses that have been selected to back at long odds through a betting exchange.

What does the product offer?

Offering users daily selections via email (typically around 12 noon), Long Nose Racing is a tipster service that does things differently to any other tipster service that I have seen. First and foremost Long Nose Racing is actually comprised of three different selection services, each of which has their own results and methods of betting. All 3 Long Nose Racing  systems have very low strike rates with the most successful (System 2) achieving just 10.7% for 2014. As well as manually placing bets, Long Nose Racing offers a .csv file so you can have Betsender automatically place bets for you.

How does the product work?

System 1 of Long Nose Racing involves backing horses to win at 22 points BSP. This is irrespective of what price is offered. I say this because on the Long Nose Racing website it states that all results are proofed to a minimum Betfair starting price odds of 22. Furthermore, the team behind Long Nose Racing say that approximately 98% of bets will be voided due to the minimum odds limit of Betfair.

Systems 2 and 3 seem to be more standard back to win affairs with both examples stating that they use a “unique filter” to find horses with an edge on the market. That having been said, System 3 produces substantially less bets and appears to be the more selective service.

What is the initial investment?

Systems 1 and 2 offer a 7 day trial period at a cost of £15. All 3 systems then cost £39 per month to receive selections via email or £49 per month to receive them in a .csv format. Unfortunately, no option comes with any money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?          

So far for 2014 System 1 has returned 74.33 points of profit, System 2 has produced 169.7 points of profit and System 3 has produced 182.44 points of profit.


Whatever the selection processes for any Long Nose Racing’s systems are (it is never actually detailed), this is clearly a very high risk betting system for rewards that are respectable enough until you start to look at things in detail. For example, both Systems 2 and 3 have had 1 month where it has earned over 100 points in profit. Whether this is luck or skilful on behalf of Long Nose Racing remains debatable but they are anomalies in results that are otherwise very mixed with as many months losing as winning. Another point for concern lies in historic results with both Systems 1 and 2 having previously had losing years. System 1 lost 161.72 points in 2011 and System 2 lost 76.19 points in 2012.

Whilst the creators of Long Nose Racing should be lauded for their transparency, these are results that will definitely be off putting for some people. Personally, I feel that irrespective of this past performance none of Long Nose Racing really justify the costs. There are some solid tipsters out there that are proven at lesser costs per month for similar, if not higher winnings.



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From: Simon Roberts