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BetSmart is a new to market horse racing tipster service which is operated by Martyn Ellison and published by Telegram Tips. The service has demonstrated some phenomenal results to date.

Introduction to BetSmart

 It is always good to get excited about something. And recently, there has been one service in particular that I have found myself being a little bit excited by. Not least of which is because I have had a good few emails about a service that Telegram Tips have been waiting to launch. Now, I’ll admit that under typical circumstances, I am a bit wary when I receive hundreds of emails about the same service. It is usually the same group marketing the same rubbish that they always do, but this felt a bit different.

First things first, even before BetSmart went live, this was being hyped up with a pre-sales page. Telegram Tips were talking a lot about Martyn Ellison’s results and what he has done with the service and frankly, it is exciting. There are a lot of cliff notes, but they look like this. Reasonable stakes. Reasonable betting approach. Huge amounts of profit. And the fact that all of this is coming from a tipster stable that has built a bit of a name for itself as being at least somewhat genuine (more on this later) makes for something to really keep an eye on.

And so, here we are. BetSmart has launched, there has been a bit of time to get a feel for things, and well… there are some interesting considerations to be made here. Now, I want to be very clear. Martyn Ellison and Telegram Tips haven’t done anything to cook the books here. This isn’t the kind of thing where you find out that all bets are to 10 point stakes, or they claim a bet as winning even if it loses money. In many respects, this is everything that it says it is on the tin. But the little bit that stands out to me is… well, let’s just get into it.  

What Does BetSmart Offer?

One of the things that I have always liked about Telegram Tips is that they don’t tend to over complicate a service unnecessarily. This has been the case with pretty much everything that I’ve seen of theirs before now. They also have a knack for managing services, in my opinion at least, to quite a high standard. Which is another of those default pieces of praise that you can offer up.

How does this translate to BetSmart though? Well, as you might expect from a tipster service called Telegram Tips, a big part of this is that the service is predominantly offered through Telegram. For those of you who may not be familiar, this is a messaging app that is reportedly the fastest in the world. But that isn’t where the benefits shine through in my opinion.

At the time of writing this, I have more than 150,000 emails in my work based account. More than 90,000 in my personal email. When things come through, I check them intermittently during the day unless I get a pop up telling me it’s something important. This means missing key information. With BetSmart using Telegram, it means that there is little risk of this happening with notifications directly to your phone where you can’t miss them.

But what information are you actually getting? Well, BetSmart is a pretty middle of the road tipster service in terms of much of the logistics. Something that I say with some fondness. First things first, this isn’t quite a daily affair. It is clear form looking at the proofing there are some days where Martyn Ellison simply isn’t able to find bets. And that isn’t a bad thing.

On top of this, whilst most days are finding some 3 or 4 bets, this isn’t necessarily a prohibitive volume. I will however concede that BetSmart does err a little on the higher volume side of things. Frankly, it would be naïve of me not to point this out. Especially when you start to factor in the staking plan.

You see, Martyn Ellison and I have arguably different views on what low stakes are. His bets are all advised to be backed anywhere from 1-3 points per bet. Again, I have to concede that this isn’t enough to be off putting, and it is still manageable enough. But in the last week, for example, it would have meant staking 44 points if you were following BetSmart. That is quite a considerable amount in my mind.

What I will say though is that there does seem to at least be some rhyme and reason to the staking. Telegram Tips’s proofing shows that Martyn Ellison clearly isn’t just recommending you stake ridiculous amounts of money in order to pad results. The distribution of stakes is such that BetSmart is pretty well managed, and whilst there are periods of significant drawdown (some 25 points in the last week), it should theoretically be OK.

This is all helped along by a decent range of odds that does genuinely seem to win across the board. For example, whilst we’re looking at the last week (which seems to be a pretty good indicator of what you can expect typically, whilst also showing the worst of BetSmart) there have been bets advised at 2.4 going all the way up to 17.00. Historically, the numbers get even higher than this, and Martyn Ellison has won at these higher odds.

For some context on all of this, whilst the average odds do vary depending on if you are betting to BOG, BSP, or SP, you area generally looking at around the 6.0 mark. That is pretty good looking. Especially when you consider that BetSmart has a strike rate of 24.52%. Now, I want to be perfectly clear about the fact that these averages aren’t necessarily reflective of what you will encounter, but they do invite some insight into what to expect from Martyn Ellison.  

How Does BetSmart Work?

When it comes to how BetSmart works there is actually quite a lot to cover. At least, in theory. You see, Martyn Ellison is quite forthcoming about what his approach entails, however, it isn’t the most detailed thing. To say that he talks in broad strokes would probably be a bit of an understatement. With that said, it is undoubtedly a step up on some of the things I see.

You see, what we are told is that Martyn Ellison finds his selections by “sheer hard work” (I am not too inclined to put too much weight behind this rather vague statement). Of much more interest to me is the claim that he uses his own handicap, speed, and pace figures. Furthermore we are also told that he will consider the ground conditions as well as “top information that I get from people I respect in the industry”.

It isn’t groundbreaking, and I’ll freely admit that I’d have liked a bit more insight into it all. But I will say that it is something. And honestly, as far as general insight goes, it isn’t too bad. At the very least, it allows for you to get some idea of what you are getting yourself into. Especially when you combine it with Telegram Tips’s proofing for BetSmart.

This is arguably the single most important thing that you’ll see here. It is incredibly comprehensive and covers Martyn Ellison’s bets going all the way back to March. This gives a good few months and provides you with some insight into what the ebb and flow of things are, at least in theory. Because the truth is that BetSmart has experienced some result that appear to be atypical, and we are outright told that these are the reason that Telegram Tips has brought the service to market when they have.  

What is the Initial Investment?

Telegram Tips have a few different options available if you want to sign up to BetSmart, each of which differs drastically in terms of the value on offer and the initial cost to you. The cheapest option is a monthly subscription is rather pricey at £44 per month. With that said, your first month is available for half price at the time of writing.  

If you want to get the best value from BetSmart though, you need to look at the longer subscriptions. Telegram Tips have a quarterly subscription which is priced at just £44 for your first 3 months then £90 for subsequent quarters. Alternatively, you can sign up for a 6 month subscription for just £95. Once this has elapsed, the costs roll over at £125 every 6 months.

Something worth keeping in mind is that there is no money back guarantee with BetSmart. As such, if you do want to take advantage of these options that carry better value, you really need to be committed to following Martyn Ellison’s advice in that long term.

What is the Rate of Return?

At the time of writing, BetSmart is sitting at anywhere from 140.94 points of profit to SP all the way up to 238.21 points using BOG. Something that is quite interesting to me is that to BSP, the profit is still 189.3 points which means that using an exchange is a potentially profitable option here. Meanwhile, the ROI also looks good ranging from 21.62% all the way up to 36.54%. All good, right?

Some of you might have noticed the fact that earlier in this review I made reference to the fact that there were certain results that appear to have brought BetSmart to market. Martyn Ellison says that Telegram Tips requested the launch of his service as soon as possible. And this is because July has been particularly good, accounting for about half of the overall results to date. A big thing that remains to be seen here in my mind is how anomalous this month actually is.

What I will say though is that before that, BetSmart was still performing pretty admirably. To BOG the profitable months ranged from 22 points up to 48 points. Using SP, the numbers do drop quite a lot (lows of 3.1 points up to 31.9 points), but to be fair to Martyn Ellison, he is yet to encounter a losing month with his tips.

Conclusion for BetSmart

BetSmart seems to be a pretty decent quality product. I know that might not necessarily be the most glowing of reviews, but there are a few things that I believe are incredibly important in considering this. And all of this is going to make for a bit of a mixed conclusion, and things are going to get a bit messy, but if you stick with me I hope to help you understand my point.

Now, there are plenty of strong positives to be examined here. First things first, five straight months of profit is genuinely quite an impressive feat. And the fact of the matter is that so long as you are able to bet to BOG, it has been a very impressive five months. Less so to SP and BSP, but credit where credit is due. On top of this, the strike rate is also solid looking. 25% given the odds that are involved here is honestly pretty decent.  

So, what exactly is the consideration here? Because BetSmart seems to look decent. And on top of that, I don’t really think that it’s prohibitively expensive. I think it’s pretty fair to say that what Martyn Ellison and Telegram Tips are asking is about what you’d expect to pay for a tipster service. Arguably less for something that looks like this.

Well, first things first, there is the fact that BetSmart does only have 5 months of proofing. And not so much that this is problematic, but there are clearly some very specific 5 months of proofing. And really quite telling in my mind is the simple fact that Telegram Tips were so keen to get Martyn Ellison to bring his tips to market.

You see, the big question that I have when it comes to BetSmart is just how sustainable everything actually is. Whilst Martyn Ellison is undoubtedly impressive so far, I am quite curious as to just how long these results can be maintained. Which is a very significant consideration when you’re looking at those better value longer term options.

So, here’s the thing with BetSmart. And I know that this is going to be a bit of a cop out answer here. The initial form suggests that this is something that is worth some consideration. Especially (at least in my mind) if you nab that offer for the first quarter. This allows you to get decent value, without being tied down longer term.

And the reason that this is quite important is because whilst July has been a truly incredible result, the last few days alone have seen a 20 point drawdown. It is quite apparent that there are a lot of ups and downs here, and I expect that will also be the case for the future. And there is an undoubtable possibility in my mind that you may well see more downs than ups.

Naturally I’m not saying that anything is guaranteed here, but I am always cautious when a product is brought to market off the back of a particularly good run. That is not an indicator of long term progress. And that definitely applies here. If you are an optimist and want to go with the general form, this is a decent looking option. Personally, I am little more prudent and would personally look to give this another month to see how Martyn Ellison does once BetSmart is live proper.


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