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Low Cost High Life Review Progressive Property

Low Cost High Life is a book by property entrepreneur Mark Homer of Progressive Property in which he discusses how to make your money go further.

What is the product?

Progressive Property have put out a number of books however these are generally by Mark Homer’s business partner, Rob Moore. A personality that Mark Homer refers to as flashier and more interested in marketing and this is evidenced in their approaches to writing. Looking solely at Low Cost High Life, the content is interesting enough and clearly authored by somebody to whom the subject means a lot which in this case is making your money go further. The overall template is similar to other Progressive Property books with a relatively detailed autobiographical account of Mark Homer’s life however he interjects this with points about how it is relevant to business.

Things like this are the parts of Low Cost High Life that you should be paying attention to really. As it progresses, Low Cost High Life moves away from this autobiographical perspective and gets into the meat and veg of making your money work for you. The content of this side of things is pleasantly succinct and it becomes clear here that Mark Homer really has a very firm grip on his own finances and as such, there is plenty that you can take away. Whilst every example isn’t going to be applicable to everybody, I feel that everyone who spends some time with Low Cost High Life is likely to come away with something.

What is the initial investment?

Low Cost High Life is sold through Progressive Property at a cost of £9.99 however if you shop around you can find it for less through Amazon. The Kindle Edition costs even less coming in at just £5.99. Unfortunately there is no money back guarantee provided by Progressive Property and conditions from Amazon may vary depending on the seller.

What is the rate of return?

There is no advertised rate of return for Low Cost High Life and this is a difficult thing to gauge due to the nature of the content. Personally I feel that Low Cost High Life is more about making your money work smarter for you so I wouldn’t come in expecting any immediate gains.


I wouldn’t say that Low Cost High Life is a must read and I don’t feel that it is a life changing publication either. That having been said there is plenty of interesting and informative content in there and at the cost you can’t go far wrong. The whole thing is however rather sloppily edited with a number of typos etc. so if this will put you off reading then it isn’t worth your time. All things considered it is pretty fair to say that Low Cost High Life is probably worth a tenner however as I’ve said you can pick it up for less which I feel is very fitting with the spirit of the book.



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