Low Key Soccer Betting – Trading for Beginners Review

Trading for Beginners is a sports betting product which comes courtesy of Low Key Soccer Betting aka Mikkel Larsen. As the name suggests, the service will supposedly show you the basics of football trading.  

Introduction to Low Key Soccer Betting

There are a lot of people out there who claim to be able to teach you a lot of different things in relation to trading on betting exchanges. By and large, the focus seems to be very much towards significantly more outlandish claims and whilst there are some decent examples out there, a lot are not.

It is because of this that I have come into Trading for Beginners with quite an open mind. Mikkel Larsen are saying that they will teach you the basics and honestly, these fundamentals can be so often overlooked in the pursuit of a big earning, easy buck system.

low-key-soccer-betting-reviewAfter all, it is much easier to sell somebody the notion that you can make hundreds a day with no work, than the fact that if you put in hard work, you can make a decent income. So, does Trading for Beginners deliver on any of this?

What Does Trading for Beginners Offer?

As it comes, Trading for Beginners is a two part book series in which Mikkel Larsen breaks down pretty much everything that you could want to know about football betting on betting exchanges.

Each book is relatively concise an runs to 53 pages for part 1 and 69 pages for part 2. Overall, you are not looking at a particularly lengthy tome if you are inclined to opt to follow Trading for Beginners. Whether or not you see something like this as a positive or a negative is a subjective thing, however I am inclined to believe that it is not a bad thing.

In terms of content etc. each book is well written. Mikkel Larsen points out that English is not his first language and whilst I think it is safe to say that this shows, this is not an incomprehensible mess either.

Everything contained within Trading for Beginners is pretty concise and tightly structured so that you don’t spend more time on any one topic than you have to. This is a massive positive and represents a strong contrast to a lot of similar products that I have looked at before now.

As mentioned, Trading for Beginners is spread over two different books, each of which ultimately looks at slightly different elements. The first book talks you through a lot of the core principles of trading on betting exchanges.

I cannot stress enough that these are incredibly basic ideas and information, however I am of the opinion that these kinds of things are incredibly important as well. This includes things like signing up, navigating Betfair, and something that is quite overlooked. What mistakes to avoid.

The second book is a follow on to part one. This concentrates more on betting strategies rather than the basics making it arguably the more interesting of the two. It is also where the profit will ultimately lie if you chose to engage with Trading for Beginners.

Now the betting strategies are not everything that you can expect from this. Mikkel Larsen talks about some slightly more advanced techniques and tactics.

This includes things like how odds move in play and the psychology of trading. Moving on from this, I want to talk about the strategies. These look at a variety of different approaches to betting however it is worth considering that the majority of what Mikkel Larsen talks about is based around goal markets.

How Does Trading for Beginners Work?

Everything about what Mikkel Larsen has done with Trading for Beginners is based around increasing your knowledge of football trading and what it entails. I am quite pleased to see this kind of thing as what you are learning is something that fundamentally can serve you indefinitely for the future.

This differs hugely from the kind of service which is reliant on certain perceived patterns and methods of betting which are reliant on “if x then y”.

In terms of the strategies themselves, I think it is fair to say that there isn’t necessarily anything here that is revolutionary as far as trading goes. This isn’t the point of a product like Trading for Beginners however.

As I have always said, I don’t believe that it is reasonable to divulge details of what the service entails here, however there are a few points that I wish to make. The fact that the strategies that Mikkel Larsen recommends are simple and straightforward doesn’t necessarily count against them in my opinion.

There are some decent approaches here that should ultimately stand the test of time, even if they do require more investment in terms of your time.

What is the Initial Investment?

Each of the books that Low Key Soccer Betting sell as part of the Trading for Beginners package are priced at £9.99 each meaning a total of £19.98 if you want to sign up for the full course. Mikkel Larsen is selling the service directly through the website if you want a PDF ebook or alternatively, you can purchase them through Amazon if you want a version for your Kindle. There is no form of money back guarantee or refund

What is the Rate of Return?

Nowhere on the Low Key Soccer Betting website does Mikkel Larsen make any claims in terms of the income potential of their betting products and that includes Trading for Beginners. Honestly, I think that this is a pretty fair approach given the nature of Trading for Beginners.

The fact of the matter is that there is no realistic way of saying that you can expect to make £100 per day or per week or per month, because the fact of the matter is it depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put into everything.  

Conclusion on Low Key Soccer Betting

I don’t believe that there are enough products like Trading for Beginners and honestly, that’s a shame. It is nice to see something that is entirely genuine and sets out to teach you fundamentals and foster a real understanding.

Furthermore, the fact that it is all wrapped up in a well put together package goes a long way. I will say that I am quite impressed all things considered and I genuinely wish that I could end on that note, however there are some points to consider.

First of all, there is the undeniable fact that most of the information which is provided in Trading for Beginners is available elsewhere. Furthermore, it is available for free.

This makes it difficult to look at a large amount of what Low Key Soccer Betting is selling and justify spending £10, let alone £20 on it. Especially if you are just starting out with learning about football trading. After all, if you have a limited bank to get started with, why would you spend money on a guide when you could be increasing how much you have to bet with?

I think where Trading for Beginners really differentiates itself from the same information being obtained elsewhere for free is in the systems. I will reiterate the fact that they do require time and effort, something which I know for a fact some people would rather avoid, but they can work.

Mikkel Larsen does a good job of explaining how they work, what to expect etc. and as such, you are ultimately better equipped to immediately start applying your newfound knowledge compared to reading hundreds of websites on football trading. Does that mean that Trading for Beginners ultimately provides value? That’s very much a subjective thing.

As a complete package, I am quite taken with Trading for Beginners. It won’t be for everyone though. In fact, there are a decent number of reasons why you might not want to take up Mikkel Larsen’s offer. After all, it is something of a niche product. If you are looking for something like this though, I can say with confidence that you can do a lot worse.  

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