Lucky 7 Naps Review

Lucky 7 Naps is an email based horse racing tipster service offered by Michael Cripps and the Betfan team. It places a focus on races with less than 7 horses running.

What does the product offer?

Lucky 7 Naps offers users tips to subscribers on a daily basis, 7 days a week. Tips will typically be sent out no later than 10-11am and these will be issued via email. Creator Michael Cripps says that all selections made for Lucky 7 Naps are back to win and seem to use a flat staking system of 5 points at a time. At the time of writing Lucky 7 Naps has a strike rate of 23.18%.

How does the product work?

The methodology behind the selection process for Lucky 7 Naps is something that is sadly not touched upon by Michael Cripps. Looking at the results though it seems to favour longer odds with larger infrequent wins as opposed to a steady stream of winners. This is something that I believe is reflected in the low strike rate.

What is the initial investment?

There are 3 different subscription lengths available for Lucky 7 Naps. These are £17 for a week, £37 for a month and £77 quarterly. There are generally no refunds with Betfan products although they do say that they will review each request on a case by base basis.

What is the rate of return?

At the time of writing Lucky 7 Naps has produced a 335.1 point profit. This doesn’t represent the larger picture though as a strong first month has waned somewhat with the last 2 months managing 60 points of that profit. Still a respectable enough number but this isn’t a 100 point per month service.


The unfortunate lack of information on how selections are made is somewhat overridden by the fact that Lucky 7 Naps is associated with Betfan who are generally pretty rigorous about testing any new tipsters. The issue that Lucky 7 Naps faces is direct competition from the Betfan group. There are examples available that have produced consistent profit over 2 years and for me, these will always represent a better choice.



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Thanks for the review, would appreciate a follow sometime as your review was made at the transition between seasons so results were poorer than average. I can’t divulge the method behind the selections I can only say that it has produced consistent results over the last two years.
Thanks again for the review.
Kind Regards,

the difference between their quoted odds in their email and the odds that you actually get (even 5 minutes after the email) vary wildly

if you could get the same odds (even 10% less) then what they quote it would be a terrific service

unfortunately it’s not

I wish I had read this before signing up because I can confirm that that really is the case. I’ve been extremely quick at getting on the tips as soon as they’re available and not one single quoted price has been available. It calls into question the whole BetFan proofing service. It’s easy to make a profit if you’re giving out prices that aren’t available. Perhaps the ‘system’ is picking horses that have already had support and been backed from a higher price then just quoting the higher price and crossing his fingers? Even despite the unattainable prices the losses were nearly 200 points in August. If you look at results to SP rather than quoted prices then every month is a disaster.

After an extremely difficult start Lucky 7 have really turned it around in a major way and in the last day alone have made me over £1k and have more than broken even.

So my advice is to make sure you have a good bank and follow the staking plan because if there’s a long losing run you risk busting out and not being able to back the winners. Here is their recent performance if you were to back at £10/point. If you had a limited bank and busted out only to see winners it would be very frustrating. Don’t do it to yourself.

They recommend a minimum of 150 points betting bank and 300 for comfort.

-50.00 Engage
-50.00 Basily Barry
-50.00 Chebsey Beau
-50.00 Scent Of Power
-50.00 Maverick Wave
-50.00 Fantasy King
-50.00 Frozen Kiss
-50.00 Jupiter Custos
-50.00 Play The Ace
-50.00 Upstaging
-50.00 Gleese The Devil
-50.00 Minella Forfitness
-50.00 Newton Geronimo
-50.00 Miss Minuty
+225.00 Coeur Tantre
+75.00 Salouem
-50.00 Luccombe Down
-50.00 Reverse The Charge
-50.00 The Backup Plan
-50.00 Alligator
-50.00 Helmsdale
-50.00 Equity
-50.00 Go Go Green
-50.00 Alexandrakollontai
-50.00 Neuf Des Coeurs
+137.50 Sir Dancealot
-50.00 Theatre Flame
-50.00 Rosetti
-50.00 Noble Gift
-50.00 Elusive Beauty
-50.00 Mrs Burbidge
+251.25 Argot
-50.00 Vulgan’s Watch
-0.00 First Experience
-50.00 Permera
-50.00 Muwalla
-0.00 All My Love
-50.00 Altaira
-50.00 Alwaysandforever (13/2 lost by a nk)
+75.00 Rejaah
-50.00 Burnt Sugar
-50.00 Perth Round Tower
+65.63 Perth Mountain King
+75.00 In The Rough
+550.00 Wynford (Advised @15, backed £55@11 3 hours late)
+200.00 Golden Wedding
+250.00 Free Bounty
-50.00 Kylla Instinct
-50.00 Borocco
+450.00 Rodani


how is this service going? Could anyone that has tried it can give us a honest review? Any experience will be appreciate.

Hi I have just joined the
Services for a lifetime hope
I can win is cost me nearly
300 pounds it is there 5 birthday

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