Lucrative MMA Betting Review James Blissett

Lucrative MMA Betting is a sports betting tipster service that is operated by James Blissett. As the name of the service suggests, it is concerned with betting on MMA with some additional advice for boxing as well.

Introduction to Lucrative MMA Betting

I don’t really make any attempt to hide the fact that I think if you want to be successful following tipsters in the long term, you need to have a portfolio. The idea here is that when one tipster is underperforming, others should, in theory, pick up the slack. And to really double down on this idea, you should ideally aim to have a diverse portfolio. That way, you aren’t paying for overlapping tips, and more importantly, shock outcomes don’t affect your results too badly. First

All of this leads me to Lucrative MMA Betting. A tipster service (plus a bit more if I’m honest) that operates in a niche that, if I’m honest, isn’t something that I’ve ever really taken the time to consider. And apparently, neither has anybody else. Because in the multitude of betting services that I have looked at in my time, there have been exactly two MMA tipster services. The important thing to note here is that James Blissett repeatedly lays claim to having “HIGHEST LONG TERM RETURN ON INVESTMENT OF ALL COMBAT SPORTS BETTING SERVICES”.

I mean, if you’re going to start betting on a new niche, why wouldn’t you want to go for the best, right? Well, there are a few reasons for this if I’m honest. And unfortunately, when it comes to Lucrative MMA Betting, they lay themselves pretty bare. Which is a shame really because I do believe that James Blissett is the real deal. So, with all of that said, let’s jump straight into it and see if this is actually worth considering as an addition to a betting portfolio.  

What Does Lucrative MMA Betting Offer?

Before I start getting into the details of Lucrative MMA Betting, I want to take a moment to talk about the fact that I refer to this as a tipster service. Ultimately, I believe that this is at the core of the service, but it isn’t all that James Blissett offers. There is actually a lot of additional content included to help make you a better bettor. With that said, whilst I will cover this, the focus here is very much on the tipping side of things.

Now, when it comes to breaking down tipster services for most sports, there are certain things that can expect. For example, horse racing tipsters are usually near daily, because there is horse racing every day. Football tipster services are stacked towards the weekend where there are more games. And being an MMA tipster service, Lucrative MMA Betting only tips when there are MMA events on.

This means that from a logistics standpoint, James Blissett issues selections round about once per week. Sometimes a bit more often, sometimes a bit less often. But that is just the nature of the sport. What is important is how all of this is managed, and I have to admit that this is an area where Lucrative MMA Betting excels.

As is pretty much standard these days, selections are sent out via email. But those emails are so much more than simply “here are some bets that you should place”. Instead, you get full information on what to bet on, what odds you should be betting at, and most importantly a full write up that fully explains why James Blissett is advising that bet. That last part is what really makes Lucrative MMA Betting stand out.

Moving on to the bets themselves, there are a lot of markets that exist in MMA betting, and James Blissett leans into pretty much all of them. Expect to bet on over/under rounds markets, whether a fight will go to decision, and a host of different win type bets. All of this seems to ensure that Lucrative MMA Betting is as high value as it can be. For some context on this value, the average odds across all bets is 2.44 which based off my research (and admittedly somewhat limited knowledge) is pretty good.

Whilst we’re talking about the bets, one of the things that is worth keeping in mind is that the volume of bets involved with Lucrative MMA Betting is pretty far ranging. Whilst some weeks will see you backing as many as eight bets on a single event, others will have just one bet. In theory, this isn’t too bad at all.

Of course, in theory suggests a pretty big but. And that brings me to the staking plan. Now, right off the bat, I want to say that I don’t believe that James Blissett uses the stakes that he does to inflate the results for Lucrative MMA Betting. However, it is hard to ignore that the average bet comes in at 2.44 points. The average stake on backing a straight winner is almost 3 points.

But, by the same token, some of those longer shots involve staking as little as a quarter of a point. The fact is that when you zoom out and look at everything as a whole, I would probably call the staking plan quite prudent. This is why I don’t believe that Lucrative MMA Betting’s results are necessarily inflated.

Now, before I move onto the additional content that comes with Lucrative MMA Betting, I want to talk about one of the most impressive elements in my opinion, the strike rate. This stands at 53% which I think is pretty bloody impressive. Even in his worst performing area of Women’s fights, James Blissett is still hitting some 44%.  That is pretty bloody impressive.

With all of that out of the way, I want to touch on the additional content that comes with Lucrative MMA Betting. Now, I don’t want to get too bogged down on the details of all of these things, so consider this more of a quick overview.

Firstly, Lucrative MMA Betting comes with a number of additional online training courses. These cover a variety of topics, but the focus is on how to be a bettor. Next, you receive “ONE TO ONE COACHING FROM A PRO”. This is effectively having James Blissett on hand to answer your questions. And finally, you receive a step by step “strategic manual”. This takes you through the entire betting process. None of these things are necessary, but they are welcome additions.

How Does Lucrative MMA Betting Work?

It seems that there is a lot that goes into Lucrative MMA Betting, and if I’m entirely honest, I can believe it. First things first, there is James Blissett’s knowledge of the sport. This is something that you can see when you look at this write ups for bets. They are in depth and the way that you are talked through the reasoning shows somebody who has an aptitude for understanding. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that you are literally getting to know why every single bet has been picked.

Moving away from this and looking at some of the broader elements, let’s look at some of the claims that James Blissett makes. He says that they (presumably referring to a “royal” Lucrative MMA Betting) are “meticulous in the research that we do” and that “tens of hours” are spent each week in order to identify the advice that is provided.

Outside of that, there doesn’t seem to be too much more to say really. Whilst I don’t claim to be an MMA expert by any stretch of the imagination, it seems that what James Blissett does here is take a relatively simple approach based around… Well, just knowing more than the bookies, and applies it well. Something that categorically is not a bad thing at all.

As a final note, James Blissett also fully proofs on, a website dedicated to MMA tipsters (who’d have thought there were that many out there!?). This means that you can also have a good look at the result in advance and get a decent idea of what you can expect in terms of the “ebb and flow” of the service.

What is the Initial Investment?

Now we come to the pricing for Lucrative MMA Betting. And I want to be upfront, because James Blissett is asking quite a lot for their tips. There are 3 different subscriptions available, all of which vary in terms of their value and outlay.

Firstly, there is a monthly subscription which is priced at $96 per month. This works out at about £72.75, which frankly, is a lot of money to ask. It is worth noting that this option is auto renewing, right up until you cancel.

Offering slightly better value is a 6 monthly subscription to Lucrative MMA Betting which will cost you $499 or around £378. This represents a small saving of some $77 over the monthly costs. Finally, there is an annual subscription which is priced at $749 or around £567.50. This represents a significant reduction of $403 over the monthly cost.

It is noteworthy that there is no money back guarantee on any of these options. This isn’t something that I will necessarily hold against James Blissett as this is standard for a large number of tipster services. We are however told “we guarantee you will make your membership fee back by following our strategy” (although this isn’t qualified anywhere that I can see).

What is the Rate of Return?

The main selling point for Lucrative MMA Betting is the ROI, and this is what James Blissett would have you focus on when talking about the profitability of his tips. Because at 28%, I really don’t think that you’re looking at a terrible number there. What is key to this claim however is that this number has been achieved over the long term, and with a little over a year of experience, I’d say that is pretty long term. However, that doesn’t paint a full picture with 2020 sitting on an ROI of just 16%.

Whilst we’re talking about that bigger picture, let’s talk about the overall points profit. Lucrative MMA Betting currently stands at an overall profit of around 168 points. Of that, just 67.6 points have been generated during 2020. I know that there’s that period of no betting due to Covid-19 which will undoubtedly have had some knock on effect on the results, but it would have had to have been a very profitable few months to get close to a profit I’d consider strong.  

Conclusion for Lucrative MMA Betting

Before I say anything else, I want to  take the time to compliment James Blissett on fundamentally offering a decent tipster service in Lucrative MMA Betting. Honestly, in a day and age where I look at as much crap as I do, it’s really quite refreshing to see something that is genuine, and operated by somebody who is so clearly knowledgeable and passionate about the sport they tip. Furthermore, I think as an overall package, this is a very good.  

With that out of the way, let’s address the negatives. Namely, the value for money that is available. Because Lucrative MMA Betting is a very expensive tipster service. I always gauge around £40 – £50 per month to be about average for a tipster service (with a bit of leeway for something special). James Blissett is almost a full 50% higher than that top end.

Now in and of itself, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a service isn’t worthwhile. Whilst there aren’t many tipsters that I think would warrant £75 per month, there have been some that have still looked attractive at that kind of price point. This can be because they’re particularly profitable, or they provide so much for the money that it can end up costing less in the long term than trying to source everything separately.

Lucrative MMA Betting doesn’t really do either of those things. Firstly, that ROI that James Blissett is so proud of. 28% is not a bad number. But nor is it particularly exceptional either. Furthermore, and I cannot stress this enough, but it isn’t really an accurate reflection of the here and now. Over 2020 that ROI has been so much lower. And whilst 16% ROI is still a profit, there is definitely much better out there.

And whilst we’re talking about the profits, let’s look at those points profits. For the sake of ease, I’m going to say that Lucrative MMA Betting has produced 68 points of profit this year. Even being generous and not counting March (which saw a small profit from one event) as a month, that’s over 8 months of betting. This means that your monthly profit is just 8.5 points on average. As a result of this, £10 stakes mean barely covering your subscription costs. That isn’t good enough.

For my money, I really don’t see Lucrative MMA Betting as being worth it. I think that fundamentally, James Blissett is a decent tipster. He seems to really understand how to manage a service and his knowledge of MMA does seem to be on point. The problem is that the bottom line is the bottom line. For what you are putting into this, to £10 stakes, you’d be making just £12.25 per month as a profit.

Here’s the thing. And I am going to give James Blissett a pretty big “gimme” here. It appears that he is a US based tipster.  These are generally much more expensive with betting seen in a different light on that side of the pond. As such, I will say that some of these problems could simply be a question of culture. Especially compared to the kind of services you’re used to seeing in the UK.

Ultimately, I don’t believe that excuses the results. What you are facing down here is a tipster service that is very expensive. And the results are… Well, they’re just not great. Because of all that, and probably not surprisingly, I don’t think that I can bring myself to recommend this. Like I said at the start, I don’t think that it’s necessarily “bad” in many respects. It just doesn’t represent nearly enough value for money for me.  


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