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Mad About Footie Review

Mad About Footie is an independent sports betting tipster service being operated by Liam Brunt that specialises in football tips.

What does the product offer?

Mad About Footie is a disappointingly typical sports betting tipster service with Liam Brunt  saying that he has chosen to put the emphasis on football. This appears to be UK and European football mostly, however the fact is that Liam Brunt  simply doesn’t provide that much information about Mad About Footie. What is stated is that Mad About Footie utilises a number of different bet types in order to pull in the profit. These range from single bets (on win or draw), both teams to score and half time predictors. Arguably at the core of Mad About Footie are Liam Brunt’s accumulators (something which you can sign up to receive a free example of each Saturday). Staking seems to be a level based affair with Liam Brunt stating that he has been betting just £10 per point but is ready to up this for the 2015/16 season. In terms of things like a strike rate, there is unfortunately no proofing supplied (not too surprisingly) and there are no claims made making this a difficult thing to gauge.

How does the product work?

Unfortunately Liam Brunt does not provide any information whatsoever about the selection process for Mad About Footie. Instead, we are told that he has allegedly been making a profit for the last 4 seasons (again, there is no evidence of this) and there is also a vague reference to value although this seems to have more to do with selling the idea that Liam Brunt knows what he’s talking about than anything substantial.

What is the initial investment?

There are two options when you sign up for Mad About Footie. The first provides you with selections from Liam Brunt until the 31st of December or alternatively, you can sign up for the entire duration of the season. These sell for £19 and £29 respectively and both come with a 60 day money back guarantee as Mad About Footie is sold through Clickbank.

What is the rate of return?

According to Liam Brunt, last season yielded an overall points profit of 423.79 points. The worst year for Mad About Footie was 2012/13 which still allegedly made a profit of over 300 points.


I find it interesting that one of the first things that Liam Brunt talks about is how you could have made £21,189.50 last year backing their selections. This is despite the fact Liam Brunt himself would only back his selections to £10 per point. The biggest issue with Mad About Footie outside of all of this is the same thing that plagues so many “credible” tipster services like these, namely a lack of evidence and the worrying fact that the websites are never registered to a person but are instead entirely anonymous.

Finally there is the way that Liam Brunt offers the service for longer than the 60 day money back guarantee that Clickbank offers. Something that one could cynically view as a way of getting people to stay on past the refund period.


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Comments (3)

Having purchased this service i’m very disappointed,having subscribed to it i have only recieved ONE weeks selections and nothing since.I have tried emailing but with no response and unable to get my 60 day wondering if anyone has had the same problem

Had the same problem, One weeks email then nothing. Tried to get in touch but no reply to emails. I did get a refund from Clickbank though.

I have experienced a similar problem, I paid £22.80 on 28th August and received tips up until the 10th October: after that nothing. Later I contacted the vendor but no reply.

Clickbank haven’t been very helpful because they say I can’t get a refund beyond 60 days, as per the original advert, but it’s the vendor who has cancelled!

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