Magic Submitter Review

Magic Submitter is a product by Alexander Krulik that automatically submits work to websites to assist you in generating backlinks.

What does the product offer?

Magic Submitter is a piece of software that has been designed to help users to achieve high rankings on Google by automatically uploading posts to other websites. Alexander Krulik claims that by using Magic Submitter sending your content to over 500 other websites you are equipped to automatically generate “1000’s” of backlinks. As well as the core software for Magic Submitter, there is also a forum where users can discuss the product and related topics. Also included is a training course on using Magic Submitter as well as live coaching each month.

How does the product work?

Alexander Kruli claims that Magic Submitter is able to register your content with hundreds of websites as well as solve captcha variations. By utilising this you can instantly start operating a backlink campaign that ultimately is designed to propel your main site to the first page of Google.

What is the initial investment?

Magic Submitter is available for $4.95 for the first month after which there is a subscription fee of $67. It is worth noting at this point that Magic Submitter does come with a 60 day money back guarantee courtesy of Clickbank.

What is the rate of return?

There aren’t any published figures as to how much you can expect to earn through Magic Submitter. That having been said, if Magic Submitter can really get you onto the front page of Google then it seems reasonable to say that you can expect to see an increase in your earnings.


The methods that Magic Submitter employs are frankly rather crude and whilst they would probably have held weight once, Google is more advanced than ever. The focus is now on organic search methods and unfortunately, this means that simply having your latest article or video posted on 500 different websites doesn’t guarantee you rankings. This I down to the fact that the link to your website isn’t worth anything if people aren’t visiting it. Whilst Magic Submitter is cheap for the first month and possibly worth a look if you are in a particularly narrow niche (although mainly to just try out in my opinion), the monthly costs simply aren’t justified.



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From: Simon Roberts