Maiden Money Makers Review

Maiden Money Makers is a horse racing tipster service from Jason Homer. It is operated in conjunction with Winning Information Network.

What does the product offer?

Maiden Money Makers is in many respects a rather typical horse racing tipster service. It offers daily selections with most days offering just one or two, although this number can be a little higher on occasion. Where Maiden Money Makers does differ is that it is a very niche horse racing tipster service (I will look at this in greater detail below) that looks exclusively at certain race types.

The bets that Maiden Money Makers offers are a combination of each way and win bets with the occasional doubles thrown in as well and it is worth pointing out that they are generally very high odds.

To create some context for this, last month the lowest odds were 2.50 on an each way double, whilst the highers were 34.00 each way. The staking plan is a return to the typical Betfan affair with Jason Homer advising that you stake anywhere from 1-5 points.

The majority that are listed in the proofing for Maiden Money Makers however are at the top end of this. The striker rate for the service stands at just 20.88% however this doesn’t paint a full picture.

How does the product work?

Jason Homer says that in order to have a better understanding of horse racing (and as a result, operate more profitable), he only looks at very specific races. Maiden Money Makers is predominantly based around maidens, novices and low grade handicaps.

This approach is combined with a network of contacts which the creator says is combined with his own knowledge. If there is potential there, then it becomes an Maiden Money Makers selection.

What is the initial investment?

As a Winning Information Network product, Maiden Money Makers is not exactly cheap. In fact, with a monthly subscription (actually 28 days) costing £47 and a quarterly subscription (actually 90 days) costing £94, I would say that it is pretty far from this.

There is no real money back guarantee offered with this (as is standard for Betfan) however Winning Information Network do say that they will review any requests.

What is the rate of return?

Since going live in March this year, Maiden Money Makers has gone on to make a profit of 222.98 points with a high of 304 points. This represents an ROI of 15.08% which is a respectable enough figure.


The whole set up for Maiden Money Makers points in one direction, namely that this is a service which requires patience.

When it wins, it wins big and in just under a week, managed to turn a 100 point profit. In another example, a two week period made more than 120 points of profit. Unfortunately, the gaps between these winning periods can be rather substantial.

This means that you need a lot of dedication and discipline if you want to make Maiden Money Makers work for you. This applies doubly when you consider the rather expensive staking plan that is in place.

If you are willing to work with it, I can see Maiden Money Makers being profitable and if you like the buzz of betting, then it will definitely suit you, but this ultimately a tipster service that has almost an audience that is almost as niche as its approach.



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From: Simon Roberts