MailIt Wordpress Plugin Review

MailIt WordPress Plugin is a new WordPress Plugin from Brett Rutecky and Mike from Maine that the pair say will allow you to manage your own email list software from within a website.

What does the MailIt WordPress Plugin offer?

According to the sales letter that Brett Rutecky and Mike from Maine have put out, MailIt WordPress Plugin represents the ultimate in email list management and mass communication. In fact, they go as far as to say that it is better than established services such as Awever and GetResponse.

In terms of what it offers, MailIt WordPress Plugin is essentially a very similar service to these well known companies. Where Brett Rutecky and Mike from Maine say that the differences really come is in that it is self hosted.

This allows for much greater flexibility. In terms of your lists, these can be imported from various external sources including most major mailing services. Everything has been designed to be easy to use both at the front and back end.

Mail-it-plugin-reviewThere are also standard features that you would expect from a product like MailIt WordPress Plugin such as an analytics suite and filtering of your email lists.

There are also a number of additional bonus products, most of which are previous releases from Brett Rutecky and Mike from Maine. This means that they don’t necessarily have anything to do with MailIt WordPress Plugin directly.

How does the MailIt WordPress Plugin work?

There is one idea more than any other that hangs over MailIt WordPress Plugin which is basically that by managing your own email list software, you have much greater control over what you actually offer.

For example, Brett Rutecky talks at length about his own experiences with Aweber and his email lists being shut down as a result of somebody else’s error. With MailIt WordPress Plugin, not only are you not reliant on somebody else, but you can manage the terms of what you send out. This somehow supposedly leads to increased interest from your customers.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing, MailIt WordPress Plugin is being sold for a one time cost of $67. The sales material does however state that this is for a limited time only and that Brett Rutecky and Mike from Maine may look to charge on a monthly basis in the future.mailit-review

What is the rate of return?

It is perhaps not surprising that there is very little in the way of information in terms of what you can expect to earn through MailIt WordPress Plugin. The only way in which this is really referenced is talking about Brett Rutecky’s allegedly 7 figure business which is a figure that most users will not even get close to.

Conclusion on MailIt WordPress Plugin

I have looked at products that are in a similar vein to MailIt WordPress Plugin before now and there is one problem that plagues them all.

To use Brett Rutecky as an example, he has had one or two problems with Aweber before now, and I can see how they may have been frustrating, but this is an industrywide standard. The fact is that whilst MailIt WordPress Plugin may give you more control etc. there is a permanence to these massive companies.

When you compare this with an internet marketer who by the nature of their business involves often moving from one product to the next, it becomes a much more muddled view.

Personally, I’m not entirely sure whom MailIt WordPress Plugin is being marketed at as smaller marketers who are starting out will likely explore free options whilst those who are more established are likely already using one of these larger providers. It doesn’t necessarily mean that MailIt WordPress Plugin is a bad product, I don’t really think that it is, it just feels a little redundant to me.


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