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Mantra Marketing Review

Mantra Marketing is a multi-level marketing sales company that provide their marketing system to a number of large companies and charities within the UK.

The Company

Mantra Marketing first started out in 2000 opening an office in Bristol. Since then Mantra Marketing say that they have become one of Europe’s fastest growing direct sales and marketing companies in the UK and Spain having opened up over 20 different offices. Mantra Marketing is a part of Appco Group, a company specialising in the same service that are operational in 800 locations spread over 20 countries. Interestingly I stumbled upon them whilst researching multi-level marketing but the actual operation seems to be very different to most MLM companies.

The Product

The product that you will be “marketing” for Mantra Marketing will depend on the client. This would include companies who find it best to reach out to people directly such as satellite and cable providers as well as charities looking for donations. Looking at the Mantra Marketing testimonials page there are also examples of a national multiplex cinema chain, a UK banking institution and a national telecoms company.

How to Apply

Application for Mantra Marketing is handled online or adverts may even be shown in local papers. The opportunities are open to pretty much anybody as training is provided. The Mantra Marketing training will teach you the essentials of sales, customer service etc. ultimately equipping you to become a self-employed Field Representative.

Earning Potential

Starting out this will generally be advertised as up to £500 per week although as I will cover below the reality seems to be very far removed from this.


Mantra Marketing are essentially a door to door operation. As you are “self-employed” you are on commission only. The amount of commission that you receive however seems to be frankly way below a liveable wage. My research has shown people making £50 off the back of a 60 hour week. Despite being “self-employed” however, most Mantra Marketing staff are tied down to hours that are set by the company themselves. As I mentioned earlier, Mantra Marketing are a part of Appco Group.

Whilst this name doesn’t bring much up, ascertaining that they are linked with the Cobra Group of Companies shows that this is a very questionable set up and not even the most down and out person is likely to ever succeed here. Over the course of my research, I found very little positives about this company save very clear posts from puppet accounts.



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From: Simon Roberts