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Mark Johnson’s Tennis Review

Mark Johnson’s Tennis is a tennis tipster service from the eponymous Mark Johnson. The system uses his alleged experience and knowledge of the game.

What does the product offer?

Mark Johnson’s Tennis is a tennis tipster service that provides users with selections when creator Mark Johnson feels that they have value. Being a tennis service bets are not necessarily daily which is namely down to the sport itself. Selections are sent out around 24 hours before a game which allows time for bets to be placed. So far Mark Johnson’s Tennis has achieved an alleged strike rate of 79% for games with odds of 1.5-2.9, 59% for odds of 3.0-5.0 and 22% for odds of 5.0-19.0.

How does the product work?

Mark Johnson’s Tennis draws heavily on the knowledge of creator Mark Johnson who has allegedly been betting on tennis since 1998 with some success. Unfortunately there isn’t actually a lot said about the system behind Mark Johnson’s Tennis which I find disappointing.

What is the initial investment?

Mark Johnson’s Tennis is available on a lifetime subscription basis for a one off cost of just £19. This also comes with a vendor backed 60 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

Mark Johnson claims to have earned £2.9 million over the last 5 years by betting on tennis games and using his system although there is no actual evidence of earnings anywhere.


On paper, Mark Johnson offers a very interesting alternative to a subscription based service. As to whether or not this is actually the case is debatable and personally I am rather cynical about the claims made. The fact is that despite some very bold claims about Mark Johnson’s Tennis very little evidence is provided. Another pressing concern lies in the fact that at one point Mark Johnson discusses losing all his money to tennis betting. Whilst he says that he has moved on since then I would personally be very wary about taking any betting advice from an ex gambling addict, especially one who lost.

If you are willing to take a risk there is very little outlay involved and the 60 day money back guarantee goes some way to alleviating my fears but not enough that I would be willing to invest in Mark Johnson’s Tennis.



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