Mark Your Card Review

Mark Your Card is a new horse racing tipster service offered by Greentree Consultancy. The focus appears to be on festivals.

What does the product offer?

Mark Your Card gives users daily horse racing selections directly to their email for a number of different events and time scales for maximum flexibility for subscribers. The service is still in its infancy but appears to be a win and each way betting service for events across the UK and Ireland. Greentree Consultancy says that there will be a pick for all races in an event with horses to be numbered based on their potential. Mark Your Card is still very much in the trial period so it is difficult to provide a statistical overview at this point.

How does the product work?

Unfortunately there is no information about the selection process behind Mark Your Card. Based off previous looks at Greentree Consultancy products however, Mark Your Card will likely utilise the knowledge and experience of a select team when generating selections. This is however only speculation on my behalf.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing Mark Your Card is available on a free trial however this is only a trial period. When fully live Greentree Consultancy will offer users a number of options which will be comprised of a day’s selections, selections for a complete festival, weekly selections and a monthly option. These are likely to retail around £20 for a card, £49 per week and £95 monthly which makes Mark Your Card an expensive option.

What is the rate of return?

As mentioned at the time of writing there is no information available about the current results for Mark Your Card. Whilst this would typically be problematic, whilst the service is currently free you can play on paper and get a feel if it is for you.


Greentree Consultancy are not unknown to me and I have always found their products to be a bit hit and miss. Based off what I have seen so far, Mark Your Card looks like it could be more hit than miss, especially with the set up that it has making it ideal for more casual punters who are just interested in the big festivals. If you cannot join whilst this is free I would put it on your watch list as this is a somewhat unique service.



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From: Simon Roberts