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Market Hacker Pro Review

Market Hacker Pro is a forex trading product created by Max Munroe that claims to be able to “rob” large companies “and get away with it”.

What does the product offer?

According to the marketing material for Market Hacker Pro, the product offers you a way to steal money directly from CEO’s of large companies such as British Airways, Cadbury and Porsche. A more realistic outlook is that Max Munroe has created a forex bot that trades long term to generate profit. Coming as a USB drive in the post Market Hacker Pro is a Meta Trader 4 compatible robot that trades 6 currency pairs, all featuring the USD.

How does the product work?

Market Hacker Pro uses a trading technique, spread betting, to make money. It is heavily implied that Market Hacker Pro gets information by “hacking” data that companies upload to a secret website. Once again, this seems to be more fanciful copywriting than anything else as spread betting is a well known and established technique for trading on forex. Crudely put, you bet on whether or not a certain trade type will increase or decrease in value.

What is the initial investment?

Market Hacker Pro is marketed at £347 plus VAT for the first year. Once this time has passed there is an annual fee of £97 plus VAT. There is a 60 day money back guarantee in place should you be unhappy with Market Hacker Pro, however this is vendor backed.

What is the rate of return?

According to Max Munroe, Market Hacker Pro can make you profits of up to £1,207.30 in a single trade although this is claimed to be a rarity. It is however worth noting that these profits come from an alleged investment of just £1.


Most of the promotional material for Market Hacker Pro looks to be nothing more than overly enthusiastic copywriting. In fact, the whole thing is sold as some kind of shady, underground deal where you are being invited into a secretive group. The reality is that Market Hacker Pro uses a well established method of trading that many traders use. There is no evidence whatsoever that Market Hacker Pro works as advertised with the focus clearly being the “hacker” mythos rather than the product. A lack of results and evidence makes this a no go for me.



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From: Simon Roberts