Martin Edwards’ Racing Lays Review

Martin Edwards’ Racing Lays is a new lay betting horse racing tipster service from the eponymous Martin Edwards in which he shares selections based off his own system.

What does the product offer?

The sales material for Martin Edwards’ Racing Lays is actually rather refreshing, as is Martin Edwards himself in so much as there aren’t any slick claims or flashy claims of a new sports car. Instead, Martin Edwards puts a firm focus on the numbers behind his racing lays with full, up to date proofing provided. This is important to acknowledge as it reflects on Martin Edwards’ Racing Lays as a product with the focus being on no nonsense lay betting tips.

These do tend to be rather high volume with Martin Edwards’ Racing Lays quite frequently having more than 10 selections in a day.

The advised odds for these are however never less than 10. As Martin Edwards’ Racing Lays is a lay betting service you will need an account with a betting exchange with Betfair recommended by Martin Edwards.

In terms of the numbers, there are 3 different staking plans which are recommended. These are a level staking plan, a 3% liability (betting 3% of your bank at a time) or a 1% compounded interest staking plan.

There is never too much risk with either of these options however as Martin Edwards’ Racing Lays an average strike rate of 89.55% which is exceptional.

How does the product work?

According to Martin Edwards he has been following were certain horses and jockeys underperform for some time which is integral to the selection process for Martin Edwards’ Racing Lays.

This is however seemingly under constant review as in a rare move for a tipster, Martin Edwards is rather upfront about the need to change and modify how bets are identified as horse racing changes.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing Martin Edwards’ Racing Lays is in a pre-launch phase which means that you can choose to register with Martin Edwards for early access to the service and to also get it at a seemingly reduced rate.

The fact is however that there is currently no pricing available however this will be updated when available.

What is the rate of return?

Over a 10 month period and using level stakes, Martin Edwards’ Racing Lays has made a profit of 515.5 points which amounts to a rather outstanding ROI of 33.69%. Using 1% compounding the profit stands at 13,491.73 points which represents an ROI of 37.8%.

The recommended 3% liability has produced a profit of 2946.24 points which means a relatively disappointing ROI of 24.52%.


The numbers for Martin Edwards’ Racing Lays look fantastic and there is very little to suggest that this is anything but a genuine service.

Martin Edwards has very clearly done his homework on the numbers and they stack up wonderfully, so much so that I would say that Martin Edwards’ Racing Lays is one of a small handful of tipster services that I have ever been really excited by.

The only question that lingers in my book is how much it will cost and as soon as we can look at the profit cost balance, I will post my final thoughts.



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Well I signed up with this service and it has steadily been losing money…..I stopped betting days ago.

If you’re thinking of joining up, don’t!

We are barely half way through the month and he is already some 23 points down for June!!!

This is 28 points down for this month already, plus 8 points almost from when it went live on 17/05/16 to the end of May.
Almost 36 points down in just over a month certainly doesn’t justify the hype.
Avoid, avoid, avoid.

I signed up for this service but stopped betting as its now 38 points down since going live, he says this happens , and has happend before losing 33 points…
At one point it went over 40 …. it’s going to get bigger . Avoid ……..

An absolute waste of money, avoid like the plague

This service is now approximately 100 points down since the last week of May, this guy either hasn’t got a clue or is a (defamation removed by admin).

Hi Geoffrey, I’ve had a similar experience from Martin Edwards absolutely useless tipping service. Just out of interest did he offer to reimburse any losses, I have never received anything from him, just a c*nman.

I suggest admin do a little bit more homework on this ‘service’, has their review will lead people to join unless of course admin think that 100 points down is the way to go…….

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hello Geoffrey,

If you have any experience with tipsters then you will know they go up and down, and have rough spells, which is why a review can only be based on what has actually happened at the time of writing.

Unfortunately, it does seem that there have now been issues with the service and the quality of tips since we completed the review.



Once bitten twice shy

Google Michael Winner , Michael is the real deal, as straight as they come , i am on his mailing list

AGREE WITH ALL COMMENTS – made a continual loss since day 1 – also seems very similar to Doug McKenna Racing so not sure if its the same guy but he is also having a long term shocker and similar high lays winning all the time

I doubt this was ever a genuine service or that any posted results were.I was one of the suckers who signed up after seeing the fantastic review on Betting System Truths.I doubt Martin Edwards exists and who behind this is in the UK somewhere.
One of the emails I received from “Martin” came from “”.I don’t know what connection they have with this.
To pay a stranger money to email you random names of horses is maddness.
Anyway lesson learnt,life goes on.

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