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Mary Kay Review MLM

Mary Kay is one of the largest cosmetics brands in the world. Whilst not as well known on UK shores, they have a substantial following in the US.

The Company

Mary Kay was founded in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash. Since then the company has developed into a multinational corporation with over 2.4 million sellers across the world. Mary Kay sell all their own branded products via the medium of direct marketing. Mary Kay is the 9th best selling skin care company in the world and 15th for colour cosmetics. This global appeal is a big part of making Mary Kay so successful.

The Product

There are a host of different products available to sell through Mary Kay. These range from a staggering variety of different makeup through to skincare products and a Mary Kay range of fragrances. There is also a range of products specifically aimed at men which covers shaving foam to colognes.

How to Apply

Applying to become a Mary Kay sales representative is handled online. There is an optional £29 cost when starting up as a Mary Kay sales representative which provides you with a starter kit that is full of various products to demonstrate to prospective customers. There is also a huge support network of other Mary Kay reps that are available for advice.

Earning Potential

Mary Kay pay up to 40% commission on any sales that you make. As well as this there are a number of different rewards and bonuses available in the form of luxury holidays, jewellery and even a car/car allowance.


Mary Kay is clearly aimed at women with every aspect of the set up driving that home. The money making potential definitely seems to be there which is the most important thing. There is one thing that hangs over the Mary Kay brand though and that is Avon. Whilst Mary Kay has a huge following in the US, over here in the UK their rivals are without a doubt the better known company. I believe that this may ultimately impact sales as people opt for the recognised brand.



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From: Simon Roberts