Massive Webinar Profits

Massive Webinar Profits is a training course designed by Mario Pedraza to teach users how to utilise webinars to sell their products.

What does the product offer?

The course itself comes in the form of a PDF document which covers all the bases for developing and refining your knowledge of webinars and how to exploit them to generate the most profit possible. The course provides a series of modules such as designing a presentation, designing a back-end offer and getting targeted traffic to view your webinars.

How does the product work?

The product is essentially built on three principles. The first is teaching you to use webinars for profit.

The second is that people will buy from you because you are a real person. Mr. Pedraza claims that by selling your products through a live webinar people are more likely to buy them as they will feel more engaged, as well as more invested in the product because they are dealing with a real person.

Lastly is the notion that it is easier to sell two $200 products than it is to sell twenty £10 products. This also provides the added benefit, as Mr. Pedraza points out, that your support network is so much easier to manage as you are dealing with a significantly reduced number of users (despite earning the same amount in sales).

What is the initial investment?

Massive Webinar Profits is currently available at the reduced rate of $4.95. This is down from the initial cost of $77. The product also provides a full 30 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

Although Mr. Pedraza mentions a few hypothetical figures there is not actually any concrete statement about return on investment. Given the fact that Massive Webinar Profits is a training course though, results are going to be qualitative rather than quantitative.


Massive Webinar Profits appears to be a neat little package for those who want to garner a basic understanding of how webinars work and how to use them to generate sales. The product is exceptionally cheap and assuming it really does provide all the information Mr. Pedraza claims it seems to be a bit of a no brainer. If you are interested in webinars and wish to start utilising them for profit then I cannot think of many better starting points than here. Especially when you consider that the low cost means that even one sale generated through webinars will put you straight into the black and on the road to profit.




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